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Insects? For the vast majority of adults, the idea of an insect is unattractive. On the contrary. Just to remember all kinds of beetles, cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, squirrels / kitchen cockroaches and so on i he is already disgusted; if he had a choice, the simple man would prefer that these creatures not exist on the Planet. Biodiversity, trophic pyramids and relationships in ecosystems, pollination, biogeographical, evolutionary and genetic aspects, all have no relevance in the sense of large crowds… and of course the huge numbers of people are also right.



Happiness is that there are butterflies with splendid designs on the wings, dragonflies in metallic colors .. and if you approached with intellectual openness and a magnifying glass… any insect would become interesting, special, a perfect manifestation of wildlife. Instinctively, children have a better ability to approach the details of the living, in that period of life in which they try to discover the characteristics of the World.



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