The Hardcore Path of Exile race is on again. Completely free, STEEM, DEC and CK tokens to be won.

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Quick catchup for newcomers;
Most people play videogames with the training wheels on.
When their character dies they just respawn at the last checkpoint and continue on.
Now I don't care how detailed the grass looks; that's not a Realistic game.

You're here on the chain so I'm guessing you like to play for keeps; well you're in luck. In Hardcore mode, death is somewhat more inconvenient.
Your character, and everything they were wearing; is out of the race for good, this is also true for your competitors.
This makes for a compelling 24 hours of gaming, as many of my repeat contestants will attest.

The Blight league is arriving in 3 days time.

I'll be awarding 20 STEEM, 2000 DEC and 3 CK tokens to the highest ranked character in each class.


There'll be an additional 20 STEEM awarded to the highest level character overall.
If two or more players have evenly leveled characters, the prize will be split evenly.
If a character has died, the level they achieved is irrelevant.
The higher you go, the more you have to lose.
If you're way out in front it may be worth benching your character and starting a backup.

If you're new to the game;
Sign up for a free account and make sure you've unticked the privacy options.
Home tab > My Account > Privacy Settings (on the right hand side of the page)

To enter;

Post your intention to compete, including your account name, using #poecomp as the first tag.

This must be done more than an hour before the league starts or you won't be included.
If your account is set to private you won't be included.

Tell us about yourself. Are you a grizzled veteran, or an eager newcomer?
Will you be dealing physical damage up close and personal, or raising an army of the dead to fight on your behalf?
Will you lay traps, mines and totems to outwit the enemy, or stick 'em with poisoned arrows from a distance?
Are you going to charge headlong into each level, or take it slow and stay alive?
Will you check the other accounts and choose an under-represented character, or forge on with your favourite?

When that timer hits zero you'll want to create a new character.

Make sure you choose the red, Hardcore banner or your character will be softcore; which isn't suitable for grown ups and wins nothing.
Characters must also be Solo Self Found.
It's a tick-box in the character selection area and prevents a character from interacting with the marketplace, so no buying and selling with other players.


If your character dies, that's obviously a setback, but you can start again with somebody new.
It may seem that others have an unassailable lead, but they can die too.
It's quite possible that a mad dash for the finish line may be the undoing of one or many of your competitors. They may have extensive knowledge of the game, but they haven't played this league yet either.

If you're equipped to record and/or stream, please do so.
Use the tag #poecomp when posting. (Assuming you have time to post)

Glorious deaths are bittersweet and better shared.

I'm delighted that the @contestkings team have donated CK tokens, which can be used to enter their Splinterlands tournaments, or can be staked as perpetual entries into their fortnightly prize draws.
Great to have your support, guys.

If you have any questions, ask them below.
If you're curious and haven't played the game before, its okay to enter and not win. Worst case scenario you play a fantastic game, have interesting conversations with other players on the various posts in the #poecomp topic, and enjoy the camaraderie of a sharing an intense gaming experience with a heap of passionate steemsters from all over the world.



I missed the last race, but I'm here for this one!! :D :D

I'll go through the tag when the competition starts, I would love to see a stream of the competition, I haven't played PoE in so long, and I never played it hardcore... I won't enter since my gaming computer isn't doing so well at the moment, it's from a decade ago, lack of memory, HDD and the CPU's overlock is starting to catch up to the poor old fellow😅

Any suggestions of good players that normally stream the whole competition?

@holoz0r, you know you want to :)

I said this last time..... I'm in!! Just got to remember to sign up this time.

Hmm...tempting. It's been ages since I last played PoE though, I'm afraid I won't really last long. Maybe I'll give it a try :D

Get involved, mate. :)

My body is ready.

That's the same day that Gears 5 comes out. You got yourself some competition!

May the best man win.

Okay, that gif cracks me up far more than it should. Where did you find that?

10 points for style.

Looking forward to joining in. Hope to see some oldies and some new people get in on this fun. See you Friday!

Got some things on or I would attempt to download as quick as possible if it max took a couple of hours. But good luck all, hopefully there are some gruesome deaths to come! >:)

Oh I'm sure I'll get killed by something fun! :)

Don't you die at least once each comp? ;)

When that fails to happen I sometimes send one to the grave just for good measure.

Sometimes I die quite a few times hehe. Me and hardcore don't mix well. . .

Wish I am more into PoE. I play it only for fun and I am just going around grinding. Probably strong weed so it fits me to play like that.

Great idea and have fun all of you. Maybe I will join someday!

Peace yo

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I just entire these races for fun. I'll die a few times maybe and sneak off to softcore after. It's a fun way to start the league and It's also only 24 hours. It brings out the PoE community on Steem so it's nice to see who plays.

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