The battle begins

in #poem2 years ago


Lurking behind the branches
a monster peeps
slowly watching you
whether you are ready for the battle

The birds take flight
screeching with delight
and the monster smiles wickedly
knowing it will win

Your sword shines
and the first monster nods
you hold your breath
and the rumble begins

Attacks are on
the axes fell
the ball of fire is hurled
and one of them is felled

Rounds are on
and the monsters run
they try their best
but even the best monster falls

You are called forth
the stats are displayed
a wise choice of cards
made you the winner again

Revenge is on the mind
the monsters do not accept defeat
they muster their courage
and challenge the winner again

Splinterlands is surely a good game and addictive too but in the right way. It helps us to use the brain and choose wisely and even though failures are part of it, we also learn along the way.

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Thanks to my mom for making me try this game. I am loving it.

I hope to see my friends join me in the steem monsters battleground.

My referral link if you are interested in joining me.