2019’s Actifit Resolutions - Morning Ritual: day off

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Hello Steemians, Actifiters, and Early Birds in general!

Todays #MorningRitual went as follows:

- Main steps:

  • Woke up at 10:00;
  • Have a big glass of water;
  • Have a great breakfast;
  • Skept exercising routine;

And thats all for now. I believe that a concise morning ritual might work as a catalyst for my daily productivity. Still today, as my day off, I chose to wake up a bit late and give my body and mind some rest. In the afternoon I will do a walk for my #actifit post.
As so I am launching this new series: #MorningRitual!

I hope I will increase not only in the number of habits but also in concistency.

1 – Wake up at 8 am.:


2 - Have a Big glass of Water:


3 - Have a great breakfast:


Omelete with chopped leek, a touch of soy sauce and mozzarella.

4 – Exercise for 10 minutes:


A special thanks to:

@steemitportugal and the portuguese community


And many others that support me…

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