Day 14 of the Brilliant Legendary Potion... Meh! | New Comp!

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The more rewards I get the more I regret buying the potion. Especially now that the Guilds are active. Would have rather used the DEC to upgrade my Guild. I am really liking the guild idea so far. Stoked to see where it will go once the guilds get bigger and have more upgrades.

Day 14

Round 14.png

With 308 charges left!

2 Legendaries after 192 Charges.

Gif Competition to win a card!

How about we make this a little more interesting! What was your reaction when you see someone playing with only one card, why? =P Funniest entry will win!

Prizes? Hmmm... Pick any card above and it is yours! (not a legendary/gold though) Please name your card that you would like with your entry to make the prize sending a little faster ;)

Here is my One Card Battle reaction


Winner of the previous comp: @gregory-f (AGAIN!) Come on you guys! This is an easy comp for free cards! =P

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Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!



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When I see someone playing with just ONE card I do not assume anything. I've mistakenly hit the battle button by mistake. OR, maybe that person has some secret strategy. Hmmm.

I like the Crystal Werewolf. He's under-rated.

I think they might be using a certain kind of strategy to lower their rank just to get it up again for the Streak Bonuses. Not sure really...


I react thusly because I'm all psyched up for battle and a little Creeping Ooze waddles out to challenge me... messes with my head a little. I'd like the Crystal Werewolf also.

Hahahaha, little Creeping Ooze stepping up and taking one for the team. Poor little fella!

Been fun seeing you in battle a bit more often, another prize is on its way!

Thanks again for the card! I've noticed I don't mind losing anymore to you and my other guildmates. I just rationalize that crushing me gave you the victory you needed to complete your daily and earn a scroll for the guild. So I guess like the little Creeping Ooze, I'm taking one for the team ;)