Splinterlands: Revealing 500 cards with not potions, guess how many legendaries! ;)

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Some time ago I decided to test the Brilliant Legendary Potion that you can buy in Splinterlands for 20 000 DEC. This it meant that I had a 100% more chance of finding a Legendary card when revealing my cards. I was skeptical but also very hopeful that with the 500 charges it gave me I would find at least 1 legendary per 100 cards. That was not the case though, in total after using up all 500 charges I got 4 legendaries.

This time around I thought I will keep track of 500 reveals without the potion, just to have something to compare with. I know this is a pretty small sample size but I wanted to test it anyway.

Below are just a little over 500 cards that I got from daily missions or season rewards. How many legendaries? Well... I was going to let you scroll down and count them all but let's save you the time and just say that I got 3 legendary cards. Not that bad, and not that good either.

1-510 Cards from Rewards!






































Does this mean that the potion does indeed work or is it all up to luck?

For me, I would say lady luck is watching over you when revealing your cards. Potions or not, the luck of the draw will always be very unpredictable. It was still fun testing it out and getting my rewards. I love this game to bits and excited about the new cards!

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That gold foil Epic card you got towards the end is worth more than any legendary. Maybe next test should be the Brilliant Alchemy potion?

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That was on my mind, think I will do it for sure. I just need to save up on some DEC. Yep, I was pretty lucky with that gold foil epic. Love it when they drop.

Just saw the new untamed kickstarter went live. Need to get in on that action! =)

3 cards with no potion... and the potion gives 100% chance... You should get 6 :p Pfrrr

I know right, so yeah, guess it is pretty difficult to really predict unless you have a really big sample.

I wasted 20k dec for nothing then....

Maybe, maybe not, you might still get super lucky and have 10 legendaries!... or you might get 1, so difficult to predict.

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Got that same gold foil epic two days ago! ;)

Nice one! Congrats!

Hi there!! I cannot open a pack anymore without the brilliant Alchemy and Legendary potions! Before the potions came out, I opened so many packs for a year and only pulled one Alpha Gold Foil Spirit of the Forest. Since the potions came out- I have forgotten how many GFL I have pulled! I think 6 or so as it makes my chance almost 2% of getting some nice card. Yet- I agree it is best to use when you feel lucky as that is a factor! I did receive a Gold Foil Lord A in a daily quest without any potions used last month-- so you can pull them when you are very lucky as well. Also, I get a lot of DEC per battle like earlier I got around 300 a match! It is easy for me to save it up or just buy it when I can. Have a great weekend!
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OOohhhh! Visited by the SplinterQueen herself! What an honor, I have seen you around and know you are one of the top players. Think I fought you maybe once and even though I was so excited about it I knew I would lose pretty hard. Thanks for dropping by.

I see what you mean, I think if I also got a large number of DEC per game then I might always buy the potions, I mean why not improve your chances if it comes a little cheaper, right? Maybe one day, but for now lady luck can't be bribed. Once I reach 200DEC per game I will stock up on them potions!

Thanks again and hope you have a great weekend too!

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Whoohoo! Thanks!