The Finger Lickin' Good Furious Chicken Moment I Was Wating For!

in #quratorlast year (edited)

FYM (54).png

I remember when Splinterlands announced the Furious Chicken. It was love at first sight and I knew this little fellow means business! He might be small, but we all know the saying about dynamite comes in small packages! I tend to use him in most of my battles now and always think where a good place would be where he might one day save my behind. That freebie that I paid no mana for.

The Card


The Game


Now I know this is not the most intense battle ever, but for me, this was amazing as it built up to those final moments hoping that it will go in my favor... Still a pretty fun and interesting game. The games that get ever so close are always the most fun to watch!

Do you have any cool Furious Chicken fights? Post them down below and if it totally kicks ass I will totally send you a freebie Furious Chicken!

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Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!



This is the first I see the chicken in action. I was starting to wonder what was his point, although I do admit that the well placed takes a beating and leaves my other cards unscathed often.

I was also surprised to see him actually doing something and it was so fun to watch. I do agree that if he is placed well he can be such a useful card and can often make the difference between a win or a loss. Lovely card!

Great battle! That cool little chicken just sat back and waited for his time to shine. I don't have any super chicken battles yet, mine is still just a lowly level 1. Only good for cannon fodder. But someday...!

Yet! Those is the keyword. He will still save your behind one of these days =P

I am curious to see what he will be able to do once he reaches his full potential.

My chicken is still totally useless! Nice to know that leveled up it can have some value :)

I think as soon as it can attack it becomes a pretty good card since it is free to play, hope you can level yours up soon!

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Lol, reminds me of card wars from adventure time

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You use a chicken to fight for you....?? 😮
Guess this is not a chicken chicken.... hehe... Have fun!

Yeah, if it was it would have been in my stomach already =P

Lol.... steamed or roasted? Lol....

Still can not accept that this chicken is without flying ability. Not even in higher level. 😁

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yeah, it would have been nicer. But for no mana I am happy it at least has an ability

EPIC!! I loved how the Chicken pecked your opponent's last card to death in the end! LOL I be it was super painful for him! :D

Hehehe, yeah that chicken is just amazing! Do you still play?

How was SF?

I do play occasionally, when I have both free time and energy to do so, which doesn’t happen very often these days, unfortunately… Still enjoying the game, though.

SteemFest was amazing! Just wish I stayed longer. And that my bank didn’t try to screw me over, while I was in Thailand. Lots of unnecessary was caused by that situation. But it taught me to never trust a bank anymore!