[REVIEW] Splinterlands has my heart right now! Magma Troll Gold Foil and Diamond Dragon Spotlight !

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What's good, everybody? It's your boy, Charlie!

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As a Gamer, I am continually bouncing from game to game, and we of the Hive Community know that Splinterlands is hands down going to be one of the best games of all time! The team behind @splinterlands has stolen my heart; in fact, I purchased over 100 packs just to show my love. Of all the cards I have pulled from the #untamed packs, these are easily some of my favorites. Check out some of my favorite creatures down below and let me know your favorite Splinterland Summoner or Monster.

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What is Splinterlands Charlie?

Well, reader, Splinterlands is a digital collectible card game built on blockchain technology. By using blockchain technology, players can buy sell and trade their digital assets like real cards. These transactions become recorded publicly and immutably.

How does Splinterlands work?

You pick your Summoner and select a team of monsters based on available Mana for the matchup. After that, the cards stats and abilities take to the field and show us who the winners are. Winners receive cryptocurrency from purchasing more cards in the future if they win matches.

Favorite Fire Splinters...for now

Magma Troll.png

Magma Troll

Ability: Reach

Attack from the Second Position

Personal Feelings

Magma troll was one of the first cards I pulled, opening the Untamed Packs. After a few battles, I found that no matter where I put Magma Troll, it would come in handy. It is an excellent back up the creature and utilizes its whole body to help the team. I sympathize a lot with this creature in that regard. xD - @boycharlieplays


It is a wonder that these massive destructive beasts of the Burning Lands don't bring their cave walls crashing down upon themselves each day. They don't use weapons; the Trolls' fists are more durable than any club. Trolls never emerge from the caves; they are allergic to sunlight, gradually turning to stone when exposed for extended periods.


big magam.png

Gold Foil Magma Troll Card


And just like that folks the @boycharlieplays has finally gotten himself a Gold Foil Card! I couldn't even believe it when I heard the sounds changing. I thought it was just my imagination. I was astounded to see that I had pulled this card from the Untamed pack. Now it's just a matter of making these cards worth a ton of money for people in the future to want to use, haha. It's expensive to try and purchase the levels from the market as it is. For the time being, we are going to work on grinding up some Dark Crystals. Now let me show you guys the other card. I'm proud of today!

Diamond Dragon 1.png

Diamond Dragon

Ability 1: Flying

Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from non flying creatures.

Ability 2: Slow -

Reduces speed of all enemy monsters

Personal Feelings

Diamond Dragon is just an absolute monster. After this Personal feelings blurb, I will link to you guys a few of the battles I got to do with this behemoth. I was pleasantly surprised at the power it has. Also, having the ability to attack from anywhere on the field while having decent bulk is excellent.


Tulafra, The Diamond Dragon, is not made of diamonds; she is simply named for her nearly indestructible exoskeleton. She is not the strongest or largest of the Dragons, but she is difficult to bring down in battle. She lives in a huge ground floor penthouse of Centrum City.


Diamond Dragon.png

Examples of Diamond Dragon Battles


Thank you for reading this week's report I hope to catch you on the next one. We may keep these going pretty regularly depending on how we adapt to the game.