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RE: [tipU] 큐레이션 선빵 눈치싸움이 치열하다...

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저도 tipu에 댓글 남겼었는데 응답이 없네요. 나중에 여유되시면 지명 부탁드립니다.^^


@tipu nominate


Hi @kiwifi! @deer3 has nominated you to become a @tipU curator! You can now request 3 @tipU upvotes per day on any content you like. The better curation reward you can get, the more upvotes with higher value you can send. You can nominate new curators as well!

To send the upvote, please comment under the post and at the end of the comment, add: @tipu curate. To nominate someone else you think would make a good @tipU curator, reply to one of their posts or comments with: @tipu nominate. All of this is of course free :)
Check out for more information and to see your stats :). Have fun!