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Nice shots! Sometimes I do the very similar shots & than I need to run from the tripod to the place where I want to be before the shutter goes off - 10 sec... How did you do it?

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i think i could not run that far 😃 my idea was to make a time laps so this is one of the photos from it. think time laps will not work, not enough photos, it started to be to bright to soon. i have problems with sunrises 😃

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WoW! Time-lapse! I like that idea & approach! Never tried it yet thou. I use Canon 60D & I think I would need to hack the original software to be able to set the camera to shoot a time lapse?! (Also I could need an automatic rotor on my tripod to easily follow the Sun if I would shoot the whole day...)

not sure i know 600d did not have it and 80d does :D but for 600d i used something like this (not sure about the model)
but you could use Magic Lantern to get the option.
Not sure about whole day timelapses i would die from bodrum :D think my longest timelapse was 3 hours when i did star trails

Not 600D. It's 60D. Is this Magic Lantern compatible with 60D?

My colleague was shooting a lot of time-lapses with a completely automated system. He was buying old cameras & hacked them & forced them to work till almost destroying them... But I don't remember his way.

it should work on 60D i did use it on 600d and for 80d i think they still did not managed to make it.
If you don't do any crazy stuff it should probably be fine.

Cool! Thank you!