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Finally I got my hands on the rental cards. Today will be another day of monotonous but very important work.

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I discovered, which allows you to integrate publications from various social networks and publications on STEEM.

Я открыл для себя, который позволяет обьеденить публикации с различных социальных сетей и публикации на STEEM.

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!dramatoken - STEEM dramatokenizeted all together!

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Я в twitter - Andruto2
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Я в steemmonsters - cranium


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Share2steem isn't working at the moment but it was a great tool to use when uploading content to twitter, instagram and youtube so you could get paid for it here.

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This is unpleasant news.

Also if you rent some cards, let me know what you are after and I will see what I have and at what level.

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Thank you, I started to lend my own :)
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I hope the share2steem issue gets fixed soon. We really need it for onboarding other people.
It's good to know that we can lend out our cards for rent now.
I hope Splinterlands becomes a massive game / franchise at some point in the future.

I also hope for it, according to tumu, and started renting it, not selling my cards.
#battle #steemace #zzan #spt #palnet #neoxian #steemleo