Splinterland Battle Challenge Using Naga Windmaster

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I hope am not too late to participate in this Splinterland Battle Challenge. This will be my first time participating and I will love to keep taking part in the upcoming challenge, been a while I join the splinterland family, will soon clock a year playing steemmonster. This week theme require us to make use of the Naga Windmaster which is one of the water card and here is my video below.

I actually love this battle because we were giving the opportunity to use as many Mana cost as we want because it was capped at 99 so that really gave me the opportunity to decide which summoner and monster cards to use. I really haven't upgrade my water summoner so I have to switch to my dragon summoner and pick the water monster card to use and I use this 6 cards and here are my reasons.

I actually pick cards base on the amount melee, range, magic each card contain and most importantly their abilities. So I choose

  • The Kraken

I love this card because of the ability actually which is the Taunt ability which make all enemy monster to attack it alone (if they can) and this will give my other cards to be free from attack till the Kraken is eliminated. This actually gave me more ground

  • Goblin Mech

This is also one of my favourite cards because of the armour, speed and the melee attack

  • Sea Monster

Is a must use card for me when I choose the water summoner and also the ability to heal back after been attacked.

  • Naga Windmaster

I really love this card ability which is the headwinds and it reduced the ranged attack of all the enemy monster. This card always work out for me which also make it my favourite if the mana cost isn't capped to the extent of not using it

  • Sea Genie and Prismatic Energy

Which are one of the magic card I have and they really make my strategy work out and I won.

Naga Windmaster is one good card and I will love to always use it during my battle with other opponent and most time I do win when I combine it with dragon summoner

Here is my battle link

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Hi! You're never too late!
The contest is ongoing, I just like to keep them organized for the week so when I make a new one I only check that comment section. But! If I ever miss you, just tag me (carrieallen).


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