Daily Quest aug/1

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Daily Quest Aug/1

Olá amigos, splinterlands players e você que entrou em meu post pela primeira vez seja bem-vindo ao meu Daily Quest report aqui compartilho com todos vocês minhas recompensas recebidas nas quests diarias.

Hello friends, splinterlands players and you who entered my post for the first time welcome to my Daily Quest report here I share with you all my rewards received in daily quests.

Daily Quest Details


The kingdom of anumun has been invaded! take a team of your best Earth monsters, and repel the enemy forces.

OBJECTIVE: Win 5 ranked battles with the Earth Splinter.
REWARD: 8 Loot Chests!

  • The quest reward is based on your current league.

Win: 5
Loses: 0

Quest Rewards


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