Splinterlands End of Season Card Rewards and Future Earning Potential

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Was I lucky this season? And what do the potential earnings look like playing Splinterlands for an hour each day when compared to content creation?

Each Splinterlands season takes approximately two weeks, and at the end of this period each player is gifted a number of Reward Cards, with the number being dependent on their finishing position in the overall league.

With about an hours worth of gameplay each day, this season I ended up in the Diamond II league, which means I collected 50 cards this time around:






Undoubtedly, my luckiest reward came in the shape of the Legendary card, Ruler of the Seas which is currently valued at $3.91, or around 11.5 STEEM.


Conservatively pricing the value of the other 49 cards at 3 cents each, that's a grand total of $5.38, or 15.8 STEEM according to the current price on Bittrex.

For some, the time/STEEM here isn't great, but when combined with other factors to be discussed, does playing Splinterlands have the potential to out earn what I might collect from one post a day in the future?

HF 21 / EIP

With HF 21 just around the corner, it is highly likely that content creator earnings will fall. No-one knows how much by, but I'm currently expecting around a 50% reduction to begin with. The thinking was that some of this shortfall could be gathered back in via curation, but a change to the reverse auction window from 15 minutes to 1 minute is potentially going to make CR somewhat of a lottery. I'm OK with that, if it means that 'good' content receives more rewards, but the jury is out as to whether this will be the case.

Anyway, it's highly likely creators will see less SP/SBD at the end of 7 days, and if the reduction in earnings was 50%, this would see my posts bringing in roughly 4-6$. In the grand scheme of Steem, I am aware that (outside the top 0.01%) this is a very reasonable sum right now, the values are loose, could easily change, and are just for demonstration purposes.

Daily Splinterlands Earnings + End of Season Earnings V 'One post a day'

With the totals above in mind - $4-6 for a post and $5.38 for the end of season rewards, how does playing Splinterlands and earning rewards daily compare?

With my current deck, I can play Splinterlands for around an hour each day and earn about 4000 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). My deck (and playing skill) seems to have the ability to steadily climb to Diamond III or Diamond II at the end of the season, and generally spends most of the time in Gold II and Gold I. This means 12/15 Reward cards per day, and 40/50 at the end of the season.

12 Reward cards, at the low, unlucky end of the spectrum should bring 36 cents, just over 1 STEEM, but of course do have the outside chance (more or less chance than a whale vote following HF21?) of doing much better. Some of these be nice eh?

So, 36 cents for the cards (at the lowish end), and 4000 DEC - which currently sells for:

10.84 STEEM is around $3.14 - so about $3.5 including daily rewards.

That's not too far off the guesstimate for a piece of content authored by @abh12345 following the next hardfork, and I suspect it could well be more than a piece of content for many.

And then you have to consider.......

Future Card Value

6 days ago:


I bought a handful of cards last week, less than 3/4$ worth and certainly nowhere close to the $174 which my deck has risen in value by over the past week. Obviously if I sold my cards, my daily earnings would be no more, but this looks very promising going forward.

I'm still bullish with regards to Steem, and right now that's mainly due to the opportunities created by @yabapmatt and @aggroed and their teams working on the likes of Splinterlands, Steem-engine, and palnet.io.

I hope that HF 21 goes better than some of the community expect, but if not, it's nice to know that there are other ways to earn STEEM outside of the coded allocation of inflation.

Have a good day,



I already have got my return of investment from SM but still holding cards worth around $4400. It is great to have this platform and I am so happy about it. So playing SM is not just a game for pleasure but to gain something to me. I am offering many of my fellow steemians from Bangladesh with free starter packs. One of them was @bapin who was even getting no clue to start it and had not enough liquid to start. So the new SM starter promotional pack system enabled more access to it. I am trying to help more who are in @Steemitbd community. So yes, many will be interested in the SM when the reward will drop for authours here.

Congrats for your nice season rewards.

!bookkeeping steemmonsters

Hi @azizbd!



  • 3623.929 STEEM
  • 1.070 STEEM from Affiliate
  • 447.480 STEEM from tournament prizes
  • 337.448 SBD
  • 0.098 SBD from Affiliate


  • 4963.646 STEEM
  • 9.361 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 422.494 SBD


  • -900.528 STEEM
  • -84.948 SBD

Thanks a nice pile you have there and should allow you to earn decent rewards each month. I see you've been taking part in the tournaments and have been doing pretty well, nice!

I have been thinking along the same lines as of late! I know I am not the best content creator and really never intended to be more than someone trying to engage and learn here. So while HF 21 and its implications is a mystery for me, at least I have my daily Splinterlands and Actfit to remain constant with. I also hope that this improves the creation of value and attracts not only valuable users but more engagement; in the meantime it is fun to play!

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Folks became content creators because there was little else without a huge stake to earn from curation. I think this fork could mark the end of an era for content as we know it, and this is why i'm pretty grateful for the work Yabap and Aggy have done this past year.

Interesting figures @abh12345. I've been thinking along the same lines ever since I heard about HF21.

One thing that bothers me a bit about not posting or posting less though is my hard earned sbi shares will be going to waste! 😂

I definitely earn more though Steem Monsters than I do through making a post already. My posts earn between $1 and $1.70 which is now boosted by my splinterlands vote.

My author rewards will no drop after HF21 and I think the vote will no longer be profitable so that will be 1000 DEC I'll keep or invest in cards.

I've been meaning to make a post like you have, with my figures, but by the time I've played some games each day I always seem to run out of time.

One of the reasons for doing so was to justify buying some more beta packs with my profits.

Those SBI votes.. I hope they are looking at ways of issuing CR from those accounts as following the fork the vote will mean less to your wallet after 7 days.

Seems there are few people who are confidently stating they are earning more STEEM via Splinterlands than Blogging, HF21 will only increase this number i'm sure.

I've been looking at buying more packs, apparently they are for sale on steem-engine but I have yet to work out the code and how to move them to SM :)

We are - there are a couple of posts on the @steembasicincome account about the transition, or you can come to the Discord and talk to Joseph about it. The big question for us is what happens with the return to exponential rewards for most people and how that effects SBI's minimum vote levels. You might get fewer, larger votes.

I've been looking at buying more packs, apparently they are for sale on steem-engine but I have yet to work out the code and how to move them to SM :)

You send the tokens to @steemmonsters to get them back into your account. (In addition to buying on the S-E market, you can buy packs for 1600 DEC apiece by sending DEC to @ottermaker.)

We are - there are a couple of posts on the @steembasicincome account about the transition

Good to hear, I didn't doubt something was being worked on :)

You send the tokens to @steemmonsters to get them back into your account.

Sorry, what is the code for these specific tokens?

1600 DEC is 4.4 STEEM, that is a nice discount, cheers!

Beta packs are BETA, alpha packs are ALPHA.

I've been looking at buying more packs, apparently they are for sale on steem-engine but I have yet to work out the code and how to move them to SM :)

When you've done that can you write a post about it? You can get some spt before HF21 kick in. 😂

Also. When is a good time to buy in terms of price of Steem/pack token etc.

And . . . I forgot to ask what did you mean by this . . .

but a change to the reverse auction window from 15 minutes to 1 minute is potentially going to make CR somewhat of a lottery

This is the first I've heard of this.Does it mean that first to vote after 1 minute gets curation from the votes that follow? i.e. 1 minute will now be the optimum time.

Yes when I find out more I'll let you know, it might make a post or I'll just Discord you :)

As far as the reverse auction change - If you felt like 15 minutes is the best time to vote at present, 1 minute will be the best time after the fork. For most posts, < 15 minutes is best at present and so it's likely that (for best rewards and not for the good of content), < 1 minute will be best and the difference between OK and excellent rewards could well be seconds.

Anyone got a public auto-voting service that deals in seconds? I don't think so, and suspect node owners and coders will have some nice rewards incoming.

Just makes me less and less interested in the blogging aspect then. Sounds nuts to me but there's probably some ulterior future motive that has nothing to do with what is being talked about currently.

I need to do my figures and get a grip on what is actually happening like @dalz, rather than I want I think is happening. I'm 99.99999999999% sure I'm making more from SM though but it's not only about that of course.😁

Votes are going sublinear.
That is the opposite of superlinear.
Instead of big votes getting exponentially bigger, small votes are getting exponentially smaller.

But dont worry, taking all those small votes down in the math means there will be more in the pool for the big ones!
It's a feature!

But dont worry, taking all those small votes down in the math means there will be more in the pool for the big ones!

But that only works if you've got a big vote the @freebornangel. Just sounds more of the same - more for those that have and less for those that have less.

The top ~70 accounts that shot down the whale experiment are up to their usual tricks.

The original design was working as intended and they changed that to suit their interests.
This hf is just more of the same, imo.
A change to the original premise, and potential.

And @gillianpearce

  • Don't worry - @josephsavage's middle names are contingency plan.

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I have no idea what you mean @revisesociology. Too cryptic for me. 😂

Your SBI's will be safe :D

still don't get it. I only thought they were worth something if you post and get an upvote. Do they have value in their own right then?

He's the guy behind sbi.... he has a plan for 50-50!

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not bad. i got bunch of vampires and highland archers, javelin thrower was the best i got. i did not got any genies and that was a surprise :D
last few weeks of card rewards were ... :D

Highland Archer is a popular card of mine, I maxed that one a while ago and with Selenia Sky he's well worth 3 mana!

it is a cheap 2 attack card (i think with everyone it is 3 mana) and i do use it a lot. but my summoners mostly suck so i am 2-3 lvls above what i need. i need to buy some summoners

Nice catch @abh2345 😉 no shining card but a really cool water legendary😆 aaghh.. I dunno when will I ever touch Diamond with my L3-4 summies😊.

Isn't it nice? You can claim SP, SBD, Pal and SPT with one post 😉 even if it's only 50%.. for those who never seen $6 on their posts.. it's still nice to keep posting. You didn't use any potions to open the cards?

Thanks :)

Hopefully you can level them up at some point - if you have the other cards to take advantage of them then it will be worth it I think.

Earning multiple tokens is rather nice - palnet and splintertalk combined with steem should help ease the blow for creators with HF 21.

I have some potions activated, not sure how potent they are though :)

But.. I like yummy ENGAGE token the most 😉

I've been thinking about the same thing recently, hasn't everyone?!?

Funny that you earn as much from a game.

But where's that increase in value coming from....?

Isn't it mainly people within Steem hedging against Steem?

This could just be Steem's sup prime crisis.

If it seems to good to be true....

NB this isn't stopping me hedging but I won't be surprised if it all goes pop.

Dunno :D

I know people who have spent thousands of $'s on cards, and that didn't come from inflation 'earned' here. So that is a source of value?

If it seems to good to be true....

Yeah, but don't kill my vibe prematurely!

Oh I've spent a fair bit too.

Sure everything will be fine!

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I was able to pull one Lord Arianthus from my end of season rewards. That Ruler of the Seas is an awesome card if you have a good water deck. I have a level two or three of him on my wife's account and it is awesome.

Lord Arianthus is a very useful card, I use him at lot and have a level 3 at present.

My water deck is perhaps my strongest, and so I'm hoping to get another Ruler of the Seas at some point so I can combine with the above to get him to level 3. Cheers!

My Lord Arianthus is also level 3 and I don't use him nearly as often as I should. I need to change that... :)

It took me a while to realise that I was losing almost all the games in which my opponent was using him! On large mana games I sometimes put the P-Energy card in with him so the blasts are deflected from the both of them - stuff flying everywhere then :D

For sure! That is a great strategy!

I got 2 legendaries in my season rewards on two accounts. They were hard to come by for me. Today got the RotS, so that is 3 within 3 days.

You are right. I know a few people who earn significant portion of their STEEM by playing Steem Monsters. My earnings are good too from running a market, trading cards, and playing SM.

SM gives an opportunity to those who are not content creators.

Sounds like you have had a lucky couple of days :)

SM gives an opportunity to those who are not content creators.

This should be in the summary of my post, well said.

Here is my pie :)


It is for june :)
Is this sustainable.... Dont know.


I'm sure people would really like to see a pie like this in relation to their account.

Is the majority of this scripted? / How much time to make a pie? :D

No ... pure manual job :)
There is some approximations as well...but it is good enough for personal use.

My brain is ticking on how to automate :D Certainly good enough for personal use, I like!

Automation would be great.

automation would be great :D

I didn't get anything special in my rewards for reaching gold 3. I need to level up some cards up to get any further. I've got one Ruler of the Seas that is very useful, but can't justify buying more. I've used DEC to buy some votes. Not sure if it's worth buying orbs/potions. At least I earn something for playing. Your cards are worth about 20x mine!

I'm sort of resigned to hf21. It will change things, but if it reduces the profits of buying votes it could be for the better. On the curation side we need people voting for quality and not just profit, but some don't care. Depends on whether you want Steem to have a future.

I do think it's worth leveling up at least one deck to reach higher tiers towards the end of the season - I use Selenia Sky a lot at the end and have that summoner maxed.

DEC is pretty versatile, and it's tough to say if Selling/Buying votes/potions is the way to go - a bit of all 3 perhaps.

HF 21 will certainly reduce profits for vote buyers - the owners are going to have to come up with something for them as chopping author rewards is going to leave a huge gap between the cost to buy a vote, and the author reward it leaves at day 7.

Hehe i was actually so.siked on my ruler of the seas card that I bought some to level this one up. A beauty!
4000 DEC a day? So higher levels make higher DEC scores as well?

He is pretty good as long as the opposition isn't deflecting magic!

Higher level cards (and especially gold/alphas) earn more DECS.

Playing Splinterland is most likely profitable to me specifically DEC mining and daily quest perhaps a bunos stuff.

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Sorry. I don't play or know much about the steemmonsters, but I am also bullish on Steem but still had not had the chance to check the palnet.io yet, but one of these days, as soon as I get a chance.

This part literally makes me feel ill:

15 minutes to 1 minute

Do they drink beer and see what else they can throw into this kitchen sink for giggles?

I feel like this fork is getting so complex that it is doomed to be a fail in ways no one can foresee now. I wish they would pull it apart into 4 forks - focus on the one they like the best and pull the trigger. Then do the next and the next.

I might be blogging about what it is like to live in a drainage ditch in Malaysia, but I will still continue as long as I can. Every day I wake up and thank God the place is still here, since you never know.

I am still full-bull on the potential of STEEM and see great developments in so many places.

Blinders ON!