Splinterlands end of season $$$ wrap up

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Splinterlands has probably been my best investment of time and money this past year. Posts, Cards, and DEC - they all add up you know!

On the days I have time to complete the daily Splinterland (Steemmonsters) quests (all the days), I post the results on @abh12345.spt.

The main reason for this is because I think that Splinterlands is quite niche, even though there is likely a reasonable percentage of the currently active Steem Community playing the game. I think it's better that a daily 5 minute 'hey I got these cards' post is better over there, at least for you anyway :)

As it's end of season rewards time though, those visiting my blog today will see some new cards, a little Splinterlands shilling, and a few figures and sums in relation to game earnings.

Season Reward Cards

Bear in mind that I have potions which 'increase the chances of a Legendary card by 50%' and 'increase the changes of a gold foil card by 25%'....

I'm a little disappointed with that draw, but they are free cards and all worth something - the 3 Epic cards are going for about $1.15 in total and the rest (without adding up) total around $2.

Daily Quests

Better luck was had during the season pulling 10 cards for the daily quest in which 2 Legendary cards appeared two days running:


It takes about 30 minutes to complete the daily quest, sometimes a bit longer, and most of the time the cards are worth a STEEM or two. The Legendary cards pulled above are worth around 15 STEEM on the market, and that for many is a reasonable sized post payout - It will likely look even better when HF 21 lands.


Then you have the DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) that are awarded after each battle, which can be traded for STEEMP, Orbs and Potions, or used to fuel the new Guilds feature added to the game recently. With my current deck, I would say it's possible to collect around 750-1000 of these each day - 1000 DEC being worth 4.85 STEEM at current market prices.

'Easy' content from playing the game each day

Many people post their daily quest results to #spt #battle and #steemace, and many of the early adopters seem to have a fair number of these tokens, especially SPT. I have been buying all of the above in small doses, and @abh12345.spt, @abh12345.battle, and @abh12345.ggame are sharing these tokens out each day, minus 10% for my daily self-vote.

I'll just point out the comment count before someone like Taraz does for me :) To be fair though, I'm posting on an alt. account with 17 followers, and 8 of those are my alts.

The rewards from the above post are:

190 SPT = 1.52 STEEM
95.65 BATTLE = 1.25 STEEM
2.9 GG = 0.098 STEEM

Not far off 3 STEEM a day, for what is a 5 minute post. You could also include #marlians #neoxian and #palnet if you really want to push the tag boat out.

15 days a season (or thereabouts) and the rewards for me this time around look something like :

Reward TypeSTEEM
Daily Quest Cards75
Daily Post45
Season Rewards12

Roughly 200 STEEM for 30-45 minutes 'work' each day. Under currently market conditions, that doesn't look great, but if you have eyes on STEEM being worth a dollar, or 10 dollars, I would say that is not a bad return at all.

And the card valuations have done really well in recent months:

I was a reasonably early adopter but didn't go large on the card buying - most of the packs were bought with STEEM when STEEM was $2/$3.


I also haven't been to the market much at all since STEEM fell from around $1 last October time, which was the ideal time to buy if you were investing fiat into the game.
Some of the larger accounts though that bought stacks of cards at lower prices must be over the moon at the way things have gone this year for Splinterlands.

There are just over 220,000 Beta packs left and I think they'll be gone by end of September at the latest. Hopefully this will drive prices up further and Splinterlands cards will easily have been my best investment this past year.




Wow - I really should create all the .spt accounts myself as well :-/ I'd be able to do some 'simple' (shit? :D) posts and earn so many more tokens. But I'm still not sure how I feel about it :D

I'm CERTAINLY not getting good reward cards or end of season cards EVER :')

I'm now a CCC Curator and am doing this all from my main account - definitely influencing also with STEEM in my mind how much to upvote - or better yet, if I see a not so creative post with the creativecoin tag I suddenly vote with a pretty low percentage seeing as I'm sort of a 'big vote' now on CCC.

I'm still struggling with all this, but will probably find a way that works for me :D Or better yet, the geeks find a nice technical solution for all of us :D The frontend that lets you differentiate content from one account but with multiple communities is going to be King.

ooo, now I know who to butter up if I ever do #creativecoin post :)

It is a lot of work, but I've had the time and not the money of late so worth it for me. That could all change soon though :)

Muhahahaha - I definitely like butter :D

But as funny as that is, there's some truth in it: this whole Tribe thing kind of changes the dynamic of who's a 'wealthy' account and who is not :D We all have a chance to be a whale 'somewhere' now. I noticed you are doing great at SPORTStalk, which is awesome :-)

Totally the case! I see lots of my network who haven't dipped into the tribes at all and are wondering where everyone has gone. It's time to pick a few, buy a little (or a lot and be a whale) and get in on the action :)

Your first paragraph sums it up. For me, between posts and cards, steemmonsters is by far the most profitable thing I do here. I would play the game even if there weren't profit at all, love strategy games and fantasy lores. The steem income is just tee he cherry on top. I'll see how lucky I was with the season rewards as soon as I get home 😉

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Yeah, I think it's the same for many at present as much of the rewards are separated from how STEEM is doing.

Good to know you'd still give the game a go, I do like my games and a spin on SM/SL each day but prefer a strategy that can kill a quick 10 hours or so.

Good luck with your rewards!

Sure am, and don't think I'll stop playing anytime soon, even if there wasn't a finantial incentive!

Definitely the shining light in this ecosystem as I cannot find anywhere else I would consider dropping $20-$30 a day for! The best part, like you, is that I have gotten a great return!

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Yep. Well, I've dropped a few$20-30's in steem-engine of late but I take your point :)

Nice. I need to start to keep track of my earnings of steem, decs, and cards too. But the problem with this earnings is, most if not all of them go back to buying orbs, potions, packs or cards...

This is the first month that i've had a go at working it all out. And yeah, cards, and DEC for the guild now so the earnings are all sent back in :)

I pulled a Gold foil Divine Sorceress, which I'm pretty happy about.
A friend recently started playing, bought his first 10 packs yesterday;
Four legendaries, including a Peakrider and a Rennyn. Bastard.
Peakmonsters.com just released a big update. I can now see that I've just passed $2/day in rental income. $2.04 to be precise :)

Well aren't you two a couple of lucky beggars :)

$2 a day passive income is good considering how early on we are here. My cards aren't valuable enough to rent out but I can scrape about that posting the quests to 57 or so tags.

Screw it, I'm going to buy 10 packs right now!

How'd you go? Get anything good?

Not really. 1 gold commoner and 4/5 epics. I did pick up a few Golems though - 20 cents a pop now!!

Yeah its interesting how a high Alpha price flows through to Beta. I assume its because conversions kind of put them in the same pool. Fewer alphas available to convert means a smaller overall supply.
Goldmatters found the same with his Gold Alpha Lightning Dragon collection.
Gold Beta Lightning Dragons climbed too.

It all bodes well for the people holding onto their cards. I don't see the value in DECs for burning coming close to the potential long term value of holding.

Hopefully I'll have some fiat coming in soon and so everything here can go back to being retirement funds :)

Yeah, holding DECs feels like a mistake; but spending them on orbs is a solid strategy.
As there are only 200,000 orbs in total; those cards are going to be in a lot of demand down the road.
Maxing a few out and leasing them out forever; is a plan I could get behind.

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I'm exited to finally be a part of splinterlands after avoiding it for so long. I have a long ways to go as and many battles to learn from, but that's half the fun.

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Hi Asher, always nice when I can catch one of your posts. :)

Before I continue, so happy you joined our guild! I know we're small but we have such an awesome group of friends that have been on this steemit/steem monsters journey from the beginning. It's great to see us still here even though many of us have stopped/slowed with the blogging on steemit. I can't seem to find the time to post anymore, but still make time to battle daily and earn that DEC! ;)

Just want to stop by and say hi. I hope you are enjoying your summer!

btw, your reward cards are way better than the ones I open. I can't even remember the last time I got a legendary reward card.

And it's a Splinterlands post too - I guess that's where you have been if Steeming in recent months :)

Dave was pretty swift on the Guild post and I'm happy to be accepted even though I must be one of the least active in the Discord. Discord doesn't by my baked beans though, but I'll try to drop in a bit more.

If you got 50 worse cards than those, your luck is really out!

Thanks for stopping by, take care :)

Whoa....mad stats...I ended the season at silver tier 2, got 15 cards, pretty much a mix of yours...not too impressed too but ofcuz free cards are a go! lol....Pls what command did you use to check the amount of packs you bought?
had to burn a couple of cards down for DEC so I could use to buy brilliant potion, I hate redeeming one or two cards when I can add 5 extra to it with a potion.

I though the cards were a bit crap, but beeyou says she gets worse :)

A good reason to look for all the commands....

$packs for the number of packs.

Makes sense to get that potion - maybe you could loan some DECs off someone instead of melting a card next time? :)

Thanks for the code, nice!

maybe you could loan some DECs off someone instead of melting a card next time? :)

I hate to burn any card, this would be the best solution, but I don't know if that's doable...

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Thank you!

Great stats. As much as I enjoyed the content of your post, your tags are the real winner in my opinion :) well played.

heh thanks @bozz :)

You know I failed a little as could have gone for #marlians for the last tag, oh well!