Splinterlands AMA September 4

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Splinterlands hosts regular AMAs with me and often Matt. Next one is Friday the 11th at 9pm eastern. We discuss philosophy, road map, and how we plan to expand. Please find our most recent AMA with our players below.


Thanks for doing the AMAs and recording them for everyone who wasn't able to attend. A lot of eyes are on all your moves and being open like that is a huge reason why people believe in the product Splinterlands.

It was pretty early this morning while i was still asleep i'm looking forward to the replay. thanks

Love the fact that you guys put these out as frequently as you do!

I like the idea of Draft Leagues format within a Guild. Maybe limiting the card selections as well as tournament levels.

You really do cranck stuff out so...
Love you agsies!

Hey dudes. Really enjoying the insights from these AMAs. The new info about guild wars helped get me to mobilize my guild forward again, so any more info on that would be much appreciated going forward. My favorite Dice card right now is the "Battering Ram". Like the "Furious Chicken" I like the simplicity and elegance of this one, and will max out BOTH the non-gold and gold versions. You guys are really doing some magic with this game, and I can honestly say that this game is LITERALLY helping me keep my sanity right now. I look forward to the future...

Great to hear that Matt is open to adding the Dice packs to the rewards. I was expecting that, but I can see how he is hesitant to call that so soon. However, in practical terms, this will help players like me plan my pack-buying strategy so as to buy the MAXIMUM number of packs, but also accomodate my budget bby accounting for some extra Dice rewards packs. It worked will for the Orbs, and personally will buy MORE Dice packs with DEC knowing that it is a good possibility that they will be included in the rewards. I hope this happens.

Thank You @Aggroed for doing the Weekley AMA's. Also Thank you for The NFT Showroom and I am GRATEFUL for the Gifts I have Received..................