[Splinterlands & Digital Card Battle] When Card Colors Allows You to Predict Your Opponent

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In Splinterlands, one of the features I find fascinating is that different Splinters (and by extention all cards with different colors,) don't feel the same.

When you see an opponent frequently use Water Splinter, even without knowing which cards they used, you'll think of a different counter strategy than the one you'll think of if they used Fire Splinter instead.

This 'effect' of making each Splinter feel unique,
reminds me of a Card Game I first played long ago~


One of my favorite card games in my childhood was a PS1 game called Digimon: Digital Card Battle, if you don't know that game, don't worry I wrote a Review [here] a while ago. In that game you go to battle arenas and fight Digimon using cards to go from a city to the next..

The card system of Digital Card Battle is both easy to understand & pretty deep. Each monster has an HP and three attacks mapped to the controller buttons (Cross, Circle & Triangle.) The players take turns to play their cards and at the end of each turn you select your attack for the current Digimon the battle of that turn starts.

My favorite part of the game though is that a card Specialty (Color) can tell you so much about its power & effects.

In Digital Card Battle, there are 5 Specialties. Fire (Red,) Water (Blue,) Nature (Green,) Rare (Yellow,) & Darkness (Grey.) Each specialty has a running theme for the most of its cards. Fire monsters generally have powerful attacks but have the lowest HP compared to other types. Water monsters generally have the weakest attacks but have a very high HP. Nature attacks & HP are in the middle, but they Digivolve faster. Darkness are usually powerful but Digivolve very slowly. Finally, Rare monsters are generally the weakest but their power lies in their support effects.

I like how some opponents in Digital Card Battle use decks with two main specialties. They make up for one Specialty weakness with the other's power. But it's hard to get the card you need when you have more than one type in the deck. Support effects usually require a specific type to work.

Knowing the theme of each card color allows you to predict your opponent's moves before even knowing which cards are in their deck. Simply by knowing which opponent you'll face (Most of the opponent in this game are Digimon who use decks with their own type.)

Splinterlands Somehow gives me the same feeling!

As I said in the beginning of the post. Splinterlands does a good job for making each of its six splinters feel different. Especially before Untamed. The summoners of each splinter has a main effect that changes which monsters the player will use.

Checking my opponents recently played teams.

Splinterlands even helps you in that regard! When you enter a new battle in Splinterlands you can check your opponents recently played teams. I noticed that most of time, the players use the same Splinter many times in row! (maybe for Daily Quests, or simply because it has their most powerful cards.)

If your opponent mainly use Water Splinter, chances they're going to use Magic Attacks too since the most used Water Summoner is the Magic booster "Alric Stormbringer." Preparing a Magic Reflect ability for countering them would be a good move half of the time.

Even with the new Untamed summoners and the different effects they come with. The splinters still feel different. (Mainly because most of Untamed Summoners have Debuffing effects instead of a buffing effect.)

It's interesting to predict my opponents use of the splinter
then to check if my predictions were true once the battle starts!

The Neutral Monsters are interesting case because their use will vary depending on which summonner that summoned them. For example, when using Lyanna, all of the monsters have a boost in Health, and their Magic is increased instead when using Alric. Making them feel like different monsters.

That's one of the things I like about Splinterlands. There are various Splinters, Abilities and Rule Sets that make each battle feel different. It's true that I like deck-based card games over games where choose each fights cards. Splinterlands does the latter in an interesting way and that's what counts.

I wish to continue playing Splinterlands
and get better cards as I play more.

This post is an entry to the SPLINTERLANDS vs OTHER GAMES challenge from Splinterlands manual curators. I love card games so I might write another comparison article in the future!

Images use cards and screenshots from Splinterlands & Digimon Digital Card Battle.

Interesting, how the Digimon cards have similar colors. Great write-up.


haha, cool, I didn't know this game, but I loved to watch digimon, it was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a little girl.

I loved Digimon show as a child too. My favorite is the third series "Digimon Tamers."


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