Flesh Golem Challenge - Splinterlands

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This new Splinterlands challenge is with the Flesh Golem, one of my favorite cards because it has a lot of hit points and it also has the ability to heal itself.

The winning battle



The Flesh Golem withstood all the attacks thanks to the fact that in each round he healed +3 and although he could only damage the enemy little, he did not heal. The huge amount of life the Flesh Golem has contributed a lot.

I also used the SCREECHING VULTURE in the last position but it didn't do any damage, it only allowed to entertain the enemy Shark for a bit. Really all the work was done by the Flesh Golem.

Use of the Flesh Golem

I recommend using this monster as a tank as long as it can heal itself, at high level it gains the Void ability and with a little more melee attack.

Monster stats


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Thank you for your Battle Challenge post.



Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Gold flesh Golem, is better than a regular one because gold combine with its eyes.

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