The Splinterlands Equalizer Rule

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This week's #Splinterlands challenge is about the Equalizer rule, a rule that matches the health of monsters to that of the monster with the most health.

The Winning Battle

Equalizer battles were rare, but I got one and chose the Summoner of Water to use the Ruler of the Seas with its great power with Blast. The url of the battle is this:


I used the Spineback Turtle as a tank and then I placed the Furious Chicken, the Ruler of the Seas I protected between the Coral Wraith and the Ice Pixies. Thanks to the Equalizer rule all the monsters had the same amount of life so it helped a lot.

The enemy had the advantage of being faster, but I had the advantage of attacking him from both sides and I was destroying all his monsters, apart from the fact that the magic attack was much superior, a very fast battle that was decided in a few rounds.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice battle.
But... dude.
Why so little work?
Do you know I can give upvote up to 80% while I'm giving this post only 20%?

Try to work more on your post for getting bigger rewards.
Keep on playing.