Chicken for dinner!!

in splinterlands •  9 months ago 

anouk rewards.png

One of the funniest cards I've seen so far must be the Furious Chicken

Not the typical card you expect in your Steemmonster deck, right? And I was even more surprised when I found a couple in my season rewards to see that it didn't cost any mana? Say what? This chick is free to play? Lol, you get what I mean, right? I actually didn't expect too much of the card, but I read some good comments from other players that seem to be a fan already. I can't wait for it to be levelled up to the point where the enrage ability pops up.. Until then I will probably not use it that much, only when I have a free spot? :)

Did you play the furious chicken already? And how do you like it so far? Any tips?


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