Day two playing my starter accounts went pretty smooth

in #splinterlands2 years ago


Yesterday I showed off the legendary I received after a smooth novice level quest

I decided to play the accounts again this morning as I wasn't really in the writing flow yet, so postponed my writing for the day until later. I timed how long it took me to finish each quest, and I believe in total it must have been 50 minutes, so average 10 minutes per account. Some quicker, and 2 a bit longer. I added a few level 1 reward cards to a few accounts to make it a bit easier, which helped very well.


So there was the new naga windmaster and an epic divine sorceress, on top of that I also found a pirate archer, a sea monster and an exploding dwarf. Not too bad right?

lava rewards.png

On the herons max account nothing special today, and I'm glad weekend has arrived so I can play a few tournaments again.

tiger reward.png

Today the owner of my silver herons deck let me know he had put some extra cards in the account to play with, yay! Thanks for that :) Will try to also play this one in some tournaments this weekend if possible.

anouk rewards.png

The least rewarding set to open was probably this last one, my main account.. ugh.. Hopefully I will have some kick ass cards tomorrow :)