First 100k Untamed packs sold! Someone suddenly experienced some real FOMO...

in splinterlands •  9 months ago 

first 100k sold.png

That went a bit faster than I expected!

I have bought only a few packs of the Untamed collection, and planned on buying some more every few days to hopefully have a tiny extra chance of an airdrop. When I noticed the number was just below 99k packs sold, I knew it was now or never to get in some more packs before the first character would be unlocked. I logged into my alt account because I wanted to spread my chances a bit, and this was what I saw:

too little too late.png

Too little, too late for me. I think someone bought 5k packs at once after experiencing some real FOMO to be too late. Oh well, the upside is, that I can buy some orbs instead now, because I really prefer opening some packs right away over waiting until the collection is released. But I know I will make sure to buy some packs a lot sooner this time, to make sure I will not be too late again.

Did you get in on time? In other words, will you be having a shot to get a card in 15 future airdrops?


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