There's a Gold foil High Priest Darius in the rental market for only 2 cents a day | My favorite Untamed cards so far

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High Priest Darius.png

I decided to put a GFL High Priest Darius in the market for as little as $ 0.02 a day

The first GFL I opened in my untamed pack madness, was a GFL Darius. Although I've never been a fan of the life splinter, for some reason the Golden life cards keep finding me. Not only did I open Darius, but also I found 2 GF epics and quite a few other cards. I like Darius, and a few days ago someone offered to swap one against another card I had for sale. I doubted at first, but then I realized my summoner can handle Darius at level 3, so why not make it a GFL level 3? And so I did.. Then I bought 12 packs a few days ago (you probably already guessed what I'm about to say) and opened another High Pries Darius. What are the odds, right? I thought that the best thing to do would be putting it in the rental market. And so I did, you can rent it for as little as $ 0.02 a day!

I'm so excited about the upgraded Herons deck!

The owner of the cards has been great adding cards to the deck all along, but now I really feel like a kid in a candy shop.
Look at these maxed untamed cards that were added to the account:

untamed legends.png

And these legendary summoners:


They were in cooldown (not all, but quite a few) until now, but I just noticed that the prince has appeared, so I'm assuming I can now select most cards when I'm selecting a team to battle. Let the fun begin. Most of these cards I've never even played maxed, so I have to learn about their abilities and what combinations work well. I'm very happy that my boyfriend will be home all week, so I can spend some time to practice. I will be thrilled when I reach diamond so I can finally use all abilities with these awesome cards!

My favorite Untamed cards so far

camila level 3.png

Of course, I've been adding quite a few Untamed cards, but I've also been selling off the regulars when I found a gold edition of that card. I haven't sold my regular Camila though but waited until I could combine her to a level 3. So I have her in gold (level 2) for GF tournaments, while I can also use her level 3 for ranked games (or non gold foil tourneys). She can summon this other legend:


I was waiting until Camila reached level 3 before I combined this one to a 3. No point in doing so when the summoner can't handle that level right? I love all 3 abilities, double strike, thorns, and poison. Awesome!

life golds.png

What I also love about Untamed so far is the fact that I now can actually play my life team. Especially the golds look awesome. I found 2 golden epics so far and the High Priest Darius also helps in high mana games. And on top of that, I also got this Christmas present below:


There were also 3 Untamed packs sent as a gift, which also gave me another legendary. Thanks for that! That was very generous and they will help me during the gold tourneys!

As Christmas Eve is about to start here, let's end the post in Christmas spirit


I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones and that you will make nice memories. Personally, we aren't celebrating Christmas very traditionally except for some gifts we bought for our daughter. No huge Christmas tree (no room for that lol), no extreme expensive gifts or food, but just trying to have a nice few days with us three this year. I will most likely play my quests, and tournaments during the holidays, so see you on the battlefield!




Though some would argue with me, I think that taking a little time to really spend time (and maybe just stare at) your loved ones, thinking about how much they mean to you... I think THIS is Christmas. It's nice to take a little breather and just ... love. I hope your Christmas time is relaxing and full of Splinterlands! ( I know mine will be.)

Okay...So, I always read your posts and think, "I should do that". But then I never do!😭
Oh! And that heron deck magically getting new cards?! Exactly like a kid in the candy store! Especially those Untamed cards. Very few are getting them fully leveled.

Have fun playing and thanks for sharing with the world!

You are right, all these other things are just a plus, it's not needed. And I doubt that my toddler even cares about all these fancy foods if we would have a 5-course dinner (probably not lol)..

Okay...So, I always read your posts and think, "I should do that". But then I never do!😭

Lol, trust me when I say: I know that feeling. :)

Oh! And that heron deck magically getting new cards?! Exactly like a kid in the candy store! Especially those Untamed cards. Very few are getting them fully leveled.

No, not magically, the owner of the cards is very generously adding new cards. But I have to take some more time to get to know them at the max level. Therefore I need to end in Diamond first, hopefully I can really get there during the next days so I can push the account some higher this time. But you know how it goes before Christmas, weird opening hours in supermarkets, stress. to get everything for those days (even without special 5-course dinners lol)...

But it will be super fun to see the little one tomorrow morning when she finds out Santa came to visit :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and have fun with the maxed cards!


Merry Christmas! Trust me when I say I will haha.

Btw you beat my ass big time earlier today @flauwy! I was on a roll today went from gold 2 to diamond 2 and won a lot of battles, but you were there to kick my butt and kill all my monsters :) GG :)

Haha, I am sure you will get your revenge! :)

Lol, I hope so ;) See ya in the battlefield!

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