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Splinterlands weekly challenge and this week theme is PIT OGRE.

FIRE is definitely my most non-favorite splinter, always so uncertain and in most cases even better to uses non-melee monsters with additional abilities and sacrifice Summoner's bonus. It really happens Fire Quest passes really smoothly and quick, but sometimes, like today, just stuck for one hour game-play. Well, today was some real madness with a lot of 8 level cards players against mine 5-6, regretfully game play really gets wicked pretty often
PIT OGRE is really very rarely used card, while in most of the cases I do use as tank Lord Arianthus, either Cerberus for it's Healing ability. But well, today had to try PIT OGRE just to see what this card is really worth and finally 2 wins out of 5 necessary was achieved with a help if PIT OGRE

So let's go to the fight.

FIGHT 1. Unprotected + Even Stevens + 13 Mana

PIT OGRE doesn't have armor, so Unprotected condition fits pretty well, while it is available as well as Even mana card

Here is final line-up

  • FURIOUS CHICKEN. Just a protection for a LOW SPEED tank, to be sacrificed at first line taking first hit
  • PIT OGRE. Doesn't have armor, so Unprotected condition fits pretty well, while it is available as well as Even mana card
  • FIRE DEMON. Very strong card with additional Blast ability. Average speed and rather high Life count

Furious Chicken got first hit as expected. While opponent had Furious Chicken at first line too, Blast ability of Fire Demon still did some damage to Manticore at second line. And then most interestingly worked Enrage ability of PIT OGRE, rising melee attack damage to whopping 8! And this leaded to the WIN. Not to forget two unexpected misses to both sides. Those could change final result really, too much unpredictable

FIGHT 2. Up close and personals + 13 mana

A win against Archmagus, happens...

Here is final line-up

  • FURIOUS CHICKEN. Again, a protection for a LOW SPEED tank
  • PIT OGRE. Enrage and Stun, lets see how it would work
  • SERPENTINE SPY. Very strong in Fire splinter. 3+1 melee attack with Opportunity. Maybe not so much good in low mana battle, but wasn't too much other choices
  • CREEPING OOZE. For remaining 1 mana very good to reduce speed of opponent as well as protect back line, just in case...

Archmagus buffs were useless in such battle conditions. Furious chicken perfectly too first heavy melee attack, while PIT OGRE's stunned Sea Monster for the second round attack, and battle was finished, while again, Enrage leaded to rising Melee attack to whopping 8!

Final thoughts, in low mana battles, and especially with low speed conditions, PIT OGRE really could be a killing tank, worth to consider to be used. Just it has to be hit first, and not with too big damage preferably

Hope you have enjoyed!

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Holy crap! Pit Ogre getting all mad after a little backlash blast! That 8 melee is insane!
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