Splinterlands Christmas Tournament!

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Celebrating Christmas Day With a Little Splinterlands Tournament Action.

We've got crypto prizes of 5,000 BATTLE + 5,000 DEC plus we're doing a draw for top 100 finishers for a chance to win UNTAMED card prizes including 1 UNTAMED Pack and 15 Individual UNTAMED cards.

Tournament Cost: FREE

UNTAMED Cards Up For Grabs:


Head on over to the Tournament Event and register, we'll see you on the battlefield!

Additional Tournament Info Below:


Don't forget to tag #BATTLE on all your gaming content this holiday season!


I hope I can join . Christmas Day is always busy with family

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Hopefully can make it, busy day for many especially with little ones.. this is 12 noon EST on the 25th which is probably super early in the morning for ya..

Sweet, if I don't miss the tourney somehow . . .

and I make it to the top 100 (eh, I will make it to the top 3 easy pz)

I hope I win the gold card :D

Lets go top 3!

Sweet game ....

Happy Holidays Everyone!

And you as well!

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