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What a great update! We do throw a lot of ideas and proposals around and knowing how busy the team is, we appreciate you listening to us (again). :)

A change to the Novice/Kobold tournaments would be welcoming for new players. I know restriction is not favored, but I have no idea how to give new players a fair playing field except to restrict entry to existing players. Perhaps as suggested above, limit tournament entry to players at silver league and below.

If the purpose of these novice/kobold tournaments is to give new players an opportunity to learn, play and win, then the community shouldn't have a problem with this restriction. There may be some pushback though with players that enter these week day tourneys to complete their DQ. Plus bots likely to enter and win the DEC, regardless of prize amount.

Splinterlands could always create a Novice token specifically for new players. Tokens issued at time of account creation, given as the tournament prize, and can be sold for DEC on Steem Engine. Just a thought.