These Monsters are SNEAKY, watch your back.

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My favourite thing about Splinterlands is the fact that the game is dynamic. Other than the typical Melee, Ranged and Magic abilities, monsters have extra perks, if I may call them, that enable you to get the edge over your opponents, and sometimes, this "edge" can bite them in the ass, literally.

Sneak is that ability that lets you bite your opponents in the ass, and it can pretty damn useful in a fight when the rules permit, of course. You see, monsters with Sneak have the ability to sneak up from behind and hit your opponent where the sun don't shine.

Initially, I thought the ability was only available to melee monsters but as I got further into the game, I found monsters with Ranged and Magic category that also have this wicked ability.

The Battle

In this Water vs Water battle against Apsu, I used the Gandalf summoner who normally boosts magic but his effect was cancelled out by that creepy looking Turtle dude. It was a pretty straight forward fight because my monsters overpowered his but, all of that wouldn't have been possible if the boy Coral Wraith wasn't sneaking around and doing some rearguard damage.

If anything, I've learnt that everything looks better when it is done with magic. Sneak monsters are quite popular, and they're badass to the core. Unlike melee and ranged sneaky monsters who would be fazed by armour, these guys go straight to the point and will knock out your opponent real quick.

At the time of writing, I have only encountered two magic monsters with sneak ability, while most of the others are in the ranged and melee category, With that said, here are three monsters(all categories) with Sneak ability that I think you should get;

Coral Wraith

The coral wraith is an Epic monster that costs around $0.63 on the market. Mine is still a level one but don't underestimate it. This card may be slow but when combined with Alric Stormbringer and a speed booster, you could do some serious damage to your opponent.


This Untamed EPIC badass nutjob comes in the fire pack and is among the few ranged monsters that take pride in hitting it from behind(no pun intended). For only $0.3, you can add this not so gentleman to your Arsenal and do some damage.

Skeleton Assassin

Forget how it looks, this Lil dude means business and he doesn't mess around. All he wants to do is fight and he's as nimble as they come. He's usually the first to hit and very slipper to hit. It is a common Death monster but it costs about $0.6 to get you one of these, and it will be totally worth it.

Get Sneaky With It

SPlinterland battles are dynamic and as I pointed out, certain things are dependent on the rules. In some matches, you can't enjoy their Sneak ability but that shouldn't deter you from getting one of these bad boys.

In battles where the rules permit Sneak, which is very common, these guys have a way destabilising your opponent, especially those opponents who focus heavily on protecting the front and leave the rea vulnerable.

So that's that about Sneak ability, and I hope you enjoyed my battle. Please check out my previous Splinterlands post;


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