The Naga Windmaster just isn't for me....

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This week's featured card for the Weekly Battle Challenge was the Naga Windmaster. A slightly out of sorts card for the Magic Heavy Splinter, he is a card that specialises against armour heavy teams with the Shatter skill... and also against other ranged attack cards due to the Wind debuff that he inflicts on the other team.

However, by playing this card with my Magic Splinter Summoner (Alric Stormbringer) I am forgoing the Magic buff that would otherwise enhance another Magic damage dealing card. As such, I've not really used the Naga Windmaster very much... if I have an archer slot upon at the back, I would much prefer to play the self healing Water Elemental instead.

Both my Water Elemental and Naga Windmaster are at level 5, so they have both their skills unlocked.... however, the Water Elemental deals more damage and also has the self healing ability which is great for neutralising rear attacks. So, the Naga Windmaster is not really a first choice card for me... however, in the interests of experimentation and discovery, I did try him out during this week! This is a record of a few of the battles that I used him in to find out what would be a decent use for this unknown card of mine...

Battle 1

In this first battle, I didn't have the choice of the Water Elemental due to the mana restrictions of the Little League battle condition... plus, I was up against someone who was playing a great deal of the Life Splinter with the Shield summoner buff. Plus, the Close Range condition meant that it didn't matter so much if the ranged monsters were going to hit the front line. A perfect opportunity to give the neglected Naga Windmaster a whirl...

So, my hopes for a bit of a Magic led victory were dampened due to the Crystal Werewolf nullifying my Summoner Buff. Unfortunately, my nemesis didn't play many high armour monsters, so the shatter ability was a bit moot... at least I got to use the Wind skill to reduce the effectiveness of their hard hitting ranged monsters.

Well... let us just say that this was a slaughter... I managed to take down the healer, and the Naga Windmaster missed it's first shot and then never really added that more to the battle. This was a wash... although, I can't really totally say that it was the fault of the Windmaster (apart from occupying a slot that could have better used by someone else!).

Battle 2

This second battle featured the Armoured Up battle condition... definitely a worthwhile use case for the Shatter ability of the Naga Windmaster if there ever was one... sadly, my opponent choice a Splinter that normally doesn't have a high armour component... so the Shatter ability is a bit wasted.

However, the Death Splinter is a bit more reliant on the ranged attacks, so perhaps the debuff would work in my favour in this battle!

This ended up being a win for my team... however, if I have to be honest, the Naga Windmaster wasn't really a huge contributor in terms of damage dealt. The debuff was the most useful thing in dulling the attacks of the opposing archers...

As I had thought, the shatter skill was pretty much useless here, as most of the enemy monsters had 2 armour and that was the damage dealt by the Naga Windmaster anyway... so, no real advantage in that skill.

So, from this battle, it seems to me that the archer debuff is the thing that makes the Naga Windmaster the useful... on the other hand, that really does meant that you need to be second guessing your opponent, and hoping that they do play a ranged heavy team. It's a bit of a gamble....

Battle 3

In this last battle, I think I did find the best use for the Naga Windmaster. It was a Back to Basics battle (no skills) and with no Legendaries. So, a chance for cards to shine based on their basic intrinsic damage, speed and health. Normally, I would play a Magic Splinter here, as the bonus to the Magic and the ability to bypass armour without fear of reflection is just too huge to ignore.

Still, I wanted to try out something a bit off centre... I played a Dragon Splinter summoner to pick up some extra melee attack as I was going to play a hand that would have more archers to try and get some mileage out of the Naga Windmaster.

... and here we discover the most potent use of the Naga Windmaster... as a last ditch meat shield for the much better Water Elemental.


The Naga Windmaster is a decent card if you know that you are facing ranged monsters or high armour monsters... however, that is a bit of a gamble. If you are not facing these types of monsters, the Naga Windmaster is a fairly ineffective monsters that occupies a valuable team slot that doesn't really contribute that much to the team...

I'm sorry Naga Windmaster... at the moment, you are not really one of a my first choice cards... and after a week of trying you out... I just prefer other cards. Still, I will keep you around because I like having one of each casrd!

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I love how thorough this is!
And thank you for really giving this card a go. You are the first to have trouble and really explain WHY other things are better suited. I agree though, I think, that if you are analyzing your opponent's team beforehand and taking into account the rulesets, in the right situation, this card makes or breaks you... particularly (as you say) because of the debuff.

Great post!


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