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SPLINTERLANDS is having a double DEC event going on for the ongoing December Month! Every tournament has double the prize pool!
There are many tournaments sponsored by players coming up too! So I thought maybe I should contribute a little to the fun and make an unconventional tournament for everyone to enjoy. Read along and get to know what's in store for you!

Aim For The BULLSEYE To Win The Big Prize!!

  • Does Reaching The Top Prize Bracket Of Tournaments Feels Impossible?
  • Do You Always End up Somewhere In the Middle?
  • Do You Sometimes Feel Your Bracket Has Tougher Opponents?

Then This Is A Tournament Which Is Meant For You! WHERE JUST WINNING IS NOT ENOUGH

Getting Matched With Tougher Opponents Won't Matter Anymore! Winning All The Games Is A Thing Of The Past! You Get To Decide Which Match To Win And Which Match To Lose. Observe The Leaderboard, Strategize Your Moves And TRY TO HIT THE BULLSEYE!


Try coming in 16th instead of 1st to win the Prize!
(P.S. Watch out for the DRAWS)



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I'm glad to see this type of innovative thinking and a tournament of this type in the Splinterlands tournament lobby. I hope it gets supported and we see more tournaments outside of the conventional type of tournament structure, to keep things interesting and entertaining on a deifferent level. Love it!

I also hope to see someone host a live style tournament one day (something similar to what I wrote about a long time ago now), where the host puts a bounty on their own head (and live stream if possible), to give a prize to the player that knocks them out, as an additional motivation to participate, other than trying to win the tournament itself.

Of course you would need to be the lucky person to be radnomly chosen to face off with the host, and then beat them!

Awesome stuff @blackheart1!

Thank you! Just wanted a tournament which was a bit unconventional haha

I have joined the tournament. I am excited for the game (especially since I have never won any amount in tournaments I have ever joined (at least 5) up to now. 😀

However, I am just concerned with the low number of registrants (29 at this time of posting), and there are only less than 7 hours left before the tournament starts.

  1. Will the number of registrants reach 50 (including me) before the scheduled start of the tournament? 🙂
  2. Or will the tournament be cancelled because less than 50 players have registered? 😢

Either way, I like your game plan!

the tournament will get cancelled if atleast 50 people dont enter it. If that happens, the tournament will be rescheduled with a bigger and deeper payout and lower entry fee

Thank you for your reply!

I would just like to ask another question. If it case it needs to be rescheduled, when will be the new tournament date?

one day/round tournament. On monday.

I'm excited for it! I almost never win in Splinterlands tournament battles. :(

I am excited to know the outcome if powerful players intentionally lose some battles in an attempt to hit the bullseye! :)

The tournament is live! Go check it out. Have fun!

I have joined your tournament. Thanks!

I wish there are more #Splinterlands tournaments like this.