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GOAT GANG invites you to come and take part in our weekly legendary giveaway!

Have you ever imagined how human kind has survived for so long? Have you ever given a thought to how the world has advanced so much? The answer to all these questions is down below-

From time immemorial there have been people with talent, skill, special abilities, innovative and strategic minds who have been pushing the world forward. It wouldn't be wrong to categorize them as GOAT - "Greatest Of All Time". Every era has people like them. They work behind the scenes, contributing towards the advancement of their generation.

We have now entered the era of gaming and we call upon all the GOATs of this time. Players who think they are great or have the potential to become great if given the right direction and opportunity come join the GOAT GANG.

Join GOAT GANG by clicking HERE


AZMARE DICE has been making a lot of noise lately. The DICE summoners are really good, but so are its legendary cards. You are invited to take part in the OAKEN BEHEMOTH giveaway for this week. Stay tuned for more.




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  • Leave a comment with your Splinterlands username.

  • Join the GOAT GANG HERE


OAKEN BEHEMOTH will be given to the lucky winner in 7 days after the post has paid out. The platform called https://picker.steemify.me/, which randomly selects a winner, will be used for the draw.



We are the greatest of all times (GOATs). And whatever we do, it's always the best and we call it "GOATNG".
So what are you waiting for? Come join the gathering of players who can easily be classified as GOATs - "Greatest Of All Times".



Good luck to all goats! This is an awesome card.



Damn nice giveaway blackheart1! Great to see you giving back to the community. Would love to get that last Oaken Behemoth to level mine up to level 2.

Thanks Blackheart, great card! IGN: lordwinty

See you in the Goat Gang Discord!

wow!!! woderful card... I hope win it... double attack is fantastic... splinterland username is laralq and discord lu1slara

Id : Diego1306

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thats nice blackheart!

id: jemmarti

My splinterlands username is: ronibarua
That's a nice Community 😊

Don't forget to join the GOAT GANG discord

@cieliss se parece a tu make

Man, I need that card I don't have it.

That Behemoth is mine. It is my other half! 💕xD

Don't forget to join the GOAT GANG discord and write your splinterlands name here

i am sorry. My splinterlands account is @nickelbunker. And i am joined at discod as ar2h37


I will jump in too, Behemoth is the best Dice card imho. And btw really like description of Goat Gang :)
Edit: ign same as this account - kreur

Very good, is wonderful card.
My user: maleklopez in Splinterlands and discord.

Splinterlands username and discord: libertycrypto27

Ok, Shenan participation

My username is the same of this account.

Don't forget to join the GOAT GANG discord

I am already joined


Nice!! Ready


wow nice!!!

ign: senojuro
discord: centroidz#1037

Great card!!! I need mana... 😅



nice giveaway. @mango-juice :)

Thanks a lot

username - sayee

Nice giveaway my friend!! Splinterland Community is awesome and The GoatGang is growing everyday. glad to be there!

Username: royero000

Nice contest, splinterlands username: aubryd

Hey buddy, I'm cyberblock! Thanks for running the contest Bro! :)

Don't forget to join the GOAT GANG discord

I'd love to add this guy to my collection.

Username: mimismartypants

Don't forget to join the GOAT GANG discord

Already did! But I'm also not that active on discord.

I don't have this one yet, would love to add it in the mix.


Wow! I also wanna participate for the giveaway. My spinterlands user name is minhajulmredol.