Making some Digitalart of Splinterlands Cards

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Hello and Welcome to my Fanart Series.


Today we take a closer look at the Death Splinter Summoner Card "Mimosa Nightshade" and make a Fanart of her Charakter.

A thank you goes out to @michealb who suggested to me making this Fanart.



Mimosa Nightshade is definitely a dark Charakter.
Red eyes, white hair, the dark outfit
fits perfectly her image.

Like suggested I decided to make her a little bit more sexy.

Lets stars with a look at the rough Illustration Process:


My first sketch i do is always very rough. It is only a rough guideline for me what shape and proportions my illustration will have.

then i work on a clean sketch with some more details. This two steps makes it easy to finish a clean and detailed lineart.

Adding some shadows then colours and voilà...

Here my interpretation of "Mimosa Nightshade"

This time i finished two variants.

One Painting Style:


And one Cartoonish Style:


Let me know which one you like more.

This Fanart I my entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest
you have still Time until Saturday, January 23rd at 10:00 PM CST.


There are so many Splinterland Cards it's hard to choose from. I would love to get some suggestions from you which card should I feature next in my Fanart Series?

Here is a recap of the last Fanart I made of the Mylor Crowling


"Spirit of the Forest"


"Yodin Zaku"


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Yeah it took me a little longer this time, because of some other projects I'm working on. But the next Fanart is already in work ;)
Thank your for your feedback on the two variants. I always appreciate your replys.

I have been waiting for this. Yet again an incredible artwork. I love that you even did two versions this time. I cannot say which one I like better. Both have something to it. The colors and plasticity are more stunning in the painting style. The cartoon style has a slightly nicer face and better contrast. Really sexy art and another one for my list to own as fanart when the shop finally opens one day.

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hmm, thinking from using as a skin in the game point of view - beautiful, sexy, powerful but too crotchy for me.

love a skin if waist up

thanks, bronkong

Yeah I know what you mean. I have cut the img a little bit and place it into the card frame.
Edit: Maybe I should place it even a little bit more downward

cool! My wife says she wouldn't want son @joshuam having one though. so yeah maybe lower :)