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Talking about hiveblog e peakblog
The video and stream platform3speak
Exchanges for DEC trontrade e HiveEngine

I have a channel on the platform cos.tv
and my content for some time is strictly based on Games NFTs, This post will be about my first two videos talking about this incredible game called Splinterlands and a huge HIVE platform and its applications.

After I got to know this incredible platform called HIVE and I am more and more excited about the world of cryptocurrencies.
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Eu tenho um canal na plataforma cos.tv e meu conteudo a algum tempo está restritamente baseado em Games NFTs, Esse post será sobre meus dois primeiros videos falando sobre esse incrivel games chamado Splinterlands e a imensa plataforma HIVE e suas aplicações.

Falando sobre hiveblog e peakblog
A plataforma de videos e stream3speak
Exchanges para troca de DEC trontrade e HiveEngine

Depois que conheci essa incrivel plataforma chamada HIVE e estou cada vez mais intusiasmado com o mundo das criptomoedas.

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Very good man!!! thx!😘

Very good man!!! thx!😘

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Parabéns!! Muito bom!!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd