[Splinterlands] Look What I Found From My Daily Quest.

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Hello guys,

How are you ? Hopefully you all are well and I am also fine. Today I got a legendary card from my daily quest on Splinterlands. And now I am describing about my quest and the cards I claimed.

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Screenshot 108.png

I got these cards from my daily quest. I am in Gold III league now and Iwas asked to complete 5 ranked matches with Earth splinter. I tried a lot to complete my quest and finally I got a legendary card. I got The Kraken.


Let's talk about it. The Kraken is a Water Legendary monster and a Melee card. It has 3 armors and 14 health from the beginning. Also it has high damaging power and speed. But it costs too many mana. It costs 12 mana. It has Taunt ability from the beginning. Taunt means All enemy Monsters target this Monster (if they are able to). If you upgrade it to level two, it will add Demoralize ability. Demoralize means Reduces the Melee attack of all enemy Monsters. If you upgrade it to level three, it will add Enrage ability. Enrage means Has increased Melee attack and Speed when damaged. And then if you upgrade it to level four, it will add Retaliate ability. Retaliate means When hit with a Melee attack, Monsters with Retaliate have a chance of attacking their attacker. After claimed this card, I placed it to market because I can't afford buying it to upgrade.

I also got two rare and three common cards. I was in Gold III league and that's why I received six reward edition cards from daily quest. Let's discuss about other cards.

Beetle Queen


I sometimes use this card in Gold leagues while playing with Fire splinter because of it's tank heal ability. Tank Heal is one of the most important abilities of all. It's very useful in battles. Also it has 2 magic damage.It costs 4 mana only. If you upgrade it to level 8, it will add Inspire ability which is very useful for the Melee cards. It's speed is also quite good. It's a Rare Fire monster.

Sea Monster

sea mons.PNG

It was my favorite card when I was a beginner of Splinterlands. That time it helped me a lot because of it's Heal ability, high damage and high health. But now a days I rarely use it. It costs 8 mana which is too much. It has also Thorns ability from level six.Now I use this card rarely and only in 99 mana cap battles. It's a common water monster.

Gelatinous Cube


Gelatinous Cube is a quite good card and sometimes I use it and I place it in the first position or second. It's Scavenger ability is helpful and sometimes it helps me. I remember a match where my Gelatinous Cube had 20 health when the battle was finished. It has also Heal ability from level six and Void ability from level 10.

Serpentine Mystic

ser mys.PNG

Serpentine Mystic is a Rare Dragon monster. I never used it before but I know it's a good card because some of my opponents used it against me and it helped them. It has Affliction ability from the beginning and this ability helped them. Affliction means When a Monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a chance of applying Affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed. Also it has Slow ability from level five. It's a magic card also.

That's all.
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