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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

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Overall, nice set of updates. Questions and comments:

  1. How do the Potion changes apply to Mystery Potions, where all have 5 charges and the Potion level determines % chance of getting a mystery prize? In particular, being able to choose how many potion charges to purchase may be problematic because everyone will just purchase 1 potion charge every other day.

  2. It would be good if the Alchemy and Legendary Potions clearly provide examples of the % chances. (So for Reward cards, a 2% gold foil or 0.8% legendary becomes 4% and 1.6% respectively). Far too many people think that the Brilliant potions are 100% potions guaranteeing gold foil or legendaries, rather than being +100% potions.

  3. I like that Potions will no longer be wasted on Reward cards. Maybe it would even be better to just have a on/off toggle so that people can choose when to activate Potions. That way, someone could decide to use Potions on Beta boosters but not Untamed boosters. Or vice versa. Etc.

  4. I also like the changes to more inactive splinters.

  5. For "Daily Quest Splinter always active," it should only apply when the player has not yet completed the 5 quests. Otherwise, they could intentionally avoid claiming the quest to ensure their splinter is always active. In fact, someone could give up dailies entirely and always keep the same Daily Quest unclaimed, to guarantee their one splinter is always active (which would essentially be a loophole around the "more inactive splinters" change).

  6. Considering the flexibility and power level of the Dragon splinter, I was fine with there not being a quest for it. It's far easier to play Dragon than the other splinters, so maybe it should require more than 5 wins to compensate.

  7. It also seems redundant to have a "no neutrals" quest especially when there is a Dragon quest splinter. You could essentially treat the "no neutrals" quest as "win 3 Dragon splinter battles," letting the Dragon monsters substitute for the Neutrals you would give up. I think "no neutrals or dragons" for 3 quests would be reasonable. Otherwise you don't need both a Dragon quest AND a no neutrals quest.

  8. While I like the idea of a Tournament daily quest, 5 might too much, especially since you can get knocked out in the first round and there are a limited number of tournaments in a 24 hour period (for your daily quest). I would consider dropping the number to 3 wins or even 2 wins.

  9. With Untamed Boosters being purchasable for DEC, will guild quest lodge discounts apply? (I would guess no). How about affiliate payments? (If so, would the referrer get paid in DEC or would the DEC amount be converted into STEEM?).

  1. They will work just like the current Brilliant Mystery potion. Each charge gives you 100% chance of getting a mystery reward. It's a good point about the every other day thing - we may have to chance the special mystery card to have a 50% chance of being awarded every day.

  2. The wording for the potions will be updated to say "double the chance" to avoid further percentage confusion, but it is also a good suggestion to publish the exact percentages.

  3. My concern with the on/off toggle is that people will forget they turned it off and then open packs and be annoyed. Everyone requested being able to turn off potions for reward cards so that's why we went with this, but if this doesn't solve players' needs then we can always change it.

  4. Great!

  5. That's how it will work. It checks if the player has completed the quest, not if they have claimed the rewards.

  6. I don't see this as a big deal. If every once in a while players get a quest that's easier then that's fine. The point of the quests are to encourage people to play every day.

  7. I think the no neutrals quest is very different than the dragon splinter quest. The dragon splinter cards are very different than neutral cards.

  8. There has been a considerable amount of feedback already about the tournament quest so we'll definitely reconsider that one.

  9. Boosters have been purchasable with DEC for a long time, the only change here is that the price will be fixed and not based on the market. Quest lodge discounts do not apply to booster pack purchases and referral bonuses are paid in DEC.

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