Splinterlands Medical Challenge

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This week's share your battle challenge involves using a card from the dragon splinter.

An newcomer who many of You might not have met yet.

He isn't known for being an offensive powerhouse.

However it can be said that his supporting prowess is Legen... wait for it... DARY

Without further ado let's investigate into it!

Theme: Scale Doctor

The Scale Doctor is a Legendary card from the Untamed edition.

He starts with the strenghten ability, 7 hitpoints and a range attack of 1. Not legendary at all, right?

His true strength lies within his abilities though.

Each level gives him another ability.

At level 2 it gains Triage, at level 3 Rust and at level 4 Repair.

The Doctor can thus be considered a real doctor of the battlefield.

Not only does he heal the backline, he also repairs armor and damages your rival's armor. This is what makes it a legendary card.

The Doctor can be yours for 2$ at the moment.

I believe this is underrated, this card can pretty much provide the same as Chanseus at level 2!

Where NOT to use

Due to its relative high mana cost and low attacking power the doctor shouldn't be used on the following ruleset.

  • Matches with a low mana cap

On matches with a low mana cap cards with the shield and healing
ability are better suited.

This might not be the case if the doctor is at maximum level though.

Where to use

  • Matches with high mana cap
  • Target Practice
  • Lost Magic

The Doctor is basically a tank, for his mana cost he could be used on pretty much every ruleset.

However due to the triage ability target practice would be the best ruleset for the doctor.

At higher levels the doctor willbe able to enhance your team by repairing your armor. This is extremely helpful for matches without magic cards.

The Battle

This Battle took place in a ranked game. It involves the ruleset of "Earthquake"


For this battle my rival brought a slightly better summoner.

Overall I brought better cards, since I brought 4 legendaries to the battlefield.

That being said my rival's lineup included many high leveled cards specially focused on dealing Melee Damage.

My Lineup

  1. Robo Dragon Knight: For High mana battles this card is a beast and a tank. A must have to be honest

  2. Ruler of the Seas: Should have been on third position to protect from blast damage. On high mana battles should always be taken into account

  3. Spirit Miner: At level three it boosts my team's speed and deals 3 magic damage

  4. Scale Doctor: The Doctor of the week. He strenghtens my whole squad and provides cover for the rest of the squad

  5. Water Elemental: High attack and able to heal. Great for this Ruleset.

  6. Naga Windmaster: In last position due to the ruleset.

This was a wipeout!

My rival brought three Melee Juggernauts, however his strategy was thwarted by my lineup's abilities and speed.

My rival's ranging squad was weakened by my Naga and his slow cards were struggling to land hits on my cards with a speed boost.

Everyone survived and even though my Scale Doctor didn't contribute much, he was ready to be a shield for my Elemental and Naga

See you in the Battlefield!

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Nice battle. thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Your right, I think this card is like a helper tank but at max level at least can be useful giving that 1 health point to the team.