Splinterlands Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide.png

Got friends ready to play?

Want an easy way to show them the way?

This (may) be it!

In less than two minutes anyone could be battling!

They may not win... but... they'll be battling!



I'm on the SPLINTERLANDS team! Click the pic below to check out our special LORE site... for all things nerdy! Yay!


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Great Carrie!!! I'm also preparing a guide for my Italian and foreign followers and even if yours is better, mine will come out the same this weekend. we thought the same thing, that is, there was no quick guide on the web yet.

Do it! The more that are out there the better!
Plus, I don't speak Italian... 😉

thank you for your encouragement.

Great guide carrie! What quick way to show new people to play! Bookmarking this!

What?!?! CRYSTAL!!! Hi!

How you been carrie?

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