Halfling Alchemist that I owned combining three cards instead of buying five booster pack.

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Hi dear gamelovers!

Hope life has been going good for you and enjoying this wonderful gaming platform

There are only a few hours left to end this season. I am very excited about the DEC and rewards available at the end of the season. Talking about the last three to four seasons has been very good for me. Before joining this gaming platform, which I had apprehension in my mind, is gradually proving to be unbearable. I like its rewards and fun system. This gaming platform has made me realize that I should not judge anything by looking at the cover page. I used to think that in this gaming platform, I would not be able to perform as expected. But as one learns, the circumstances become favourable. Today I am quite satisfied with my performance. It is not an easy task to reach the Diamond League's second level each season. Especially when you don't have very good cards.
My biggest achievement of this season is that I have a Second Level Halfling Alchemist card. This card made my season very special. Being a neutral monster card, fits into any summoner's team.

Characteristic of Halfling Alchemist-

Halfling Alchemist.png

As we all know recently, this Bitcoin based card has been launched, which incorporates amazing power.
Its biggest feature is that it is neutral monster card. Its MANA is only two. Also whenever Halfling Alchemist hits a target, the target's attack is cut in half (rounded down).
Also, whenever this card dies, the opposition makes a damage to the card of the team. Also the magic counterattack of opposition team (as parametric energy does) is not affected.
I was so impressed with this card that I immediately went to the Monster Market and bought that card. However, in a hurry, I had to give four steem more. Because currently its rate has come down slightly. Actually I didn't want me to miss this card. So I bought it from Monster market immediately, without giving preference to untamed booster pack.

Halfling alchemist

Splinter- neutral
Price - $ 1.200

However, the value of this card was slightly higher at that time. Currently there is a difference of around 1000 DEC.
Buying method of Halfling Alchemist monster-
There are two ways to buy this card - although I am not completely sure whether this card is now available with the untamed booster pack.

1- The BTC event based Halfling Alchemist Card (level-1) was being given for free on purchasing 5 untamed booster packs together. Perhaps this process has been discontinued.

2- Apart from this you can also buy the Monster Market by visiting monstermarket.io or splinterlands.com.

Since I did not have 10000 DEC balance at the time when I bought this card. So I bought two cards through SBD. Apart from this, I spent the DEC balance to buy the third card.
However the value of this card has decreased slightly at this time. At the time I bought this card there was a 9 steem for one Halfling Alchemist card. I combined all three cards and converted them to level-2. Certainly I am very satisfied with the performance of this card.

My profile before ending this season-


As we all know that there are only a few hours left to end this season. After that a new season will start again. In which the ratings and rewards of the people are determined according to the league.
At the moment as a player, I am going right left at the second level of the Diamond League. I still have 15 hours to complete a quest. During this time, my efforts will be that I can reach the level-1 of Diamond League. For this I have saved my crystal DEC energy so that I can play as many battles as possible.
If I talk about my achievements related to this gaming platform, such as cards, investments, then I have definitely a satisfactory situation for me. You can see the status of what I have found and what I have invested.

`Today at 3:19 PM
: stars: Steem Monsters Stats for: ** certain **: stars:

Number of cards: 232 - Alpha: 6

  • Beta: 35
  • Promo: 19
  • Reward: 136
  • Untamed: 36
    Common: 129,
    Rare: 76,
    Epic: 19
    Legendary: 8

Gold cards: 30 ## BCX: 920 ## Value: $ 164.02 ##`

Purchased history-


In the last one week I have purchased 14 cards in the form of various monsters for different summers. Most of the cards I bought to be combined. Halfling Alchemist is also one of them. I watch the battle happening with the opposition team very carefully. I keep an eye on the cards that perform better. Then they go to the Monster Market and check at which level the card is more effective. That is why I buy most of the cards according to their ability.

Rating and League-



This time I am running over 3165 rating diamond League level II. Near about 8 hours to go to end this season before it I have to complete one quest related gaming platform. I am hoping that I will able to reach my target with the end of season. This time my winning percentage is little over than 50. I am happy with this performance and hoping that in coming days I will more improve my performance..


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●all images, gif and photographs used in this post are not mine. Taken from splinterlands gaming platform website



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I'm so glad you hung in there and found out you CAN be awesome! For real, it's impressive to make it to Diamond II with lower level cards. Be proud! 🥰@carrieallen
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