Weekly battleshare for splinterlands gaming platform with silent killer- Serpentine spy

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Hi splinterlands game lovers!

This is my weekly battle share for splinterlands gaming platform
under the theme- SERPENTINE SPY..


There is only one hour left to end this season. Like the last three seasons, this season has been very good for me. The last three seasons I was at the Diamond Third level. But by the end of this season, I have reached the second level of the Diamond League. This is a new experience for me because for the first time I have reached the second level.
Gradually the Splinter Land Gaming platform is becoming a dominance over all as a drug. And it should also be. Because it is a platform where rewards are available in various forms along with fun. If I do not do battle, then I feel uneasy in my mind. Therefore, I definitely play one or two battles at small intervals throughout the day.
There has been a steady increase in the Hive price for the last one week which is an ideal situation to buy different cards. I had bought about 15,000 credits from which I have purchased three summoners and different cards. There are still over 700 credits left. .
When I checked my splinter land related data, it was found that the total achievement I have is as follows-
Number of cards: 172 - Alpha: 6 - Beta: 35 - Promo: 15 - Reward: 82 - Untamed: 34
Common: 90, Rare: 57, Epic: 17, Legendary: 8

Gold cards: 27 ## BCX: 807 ## Value: $ 133.22

__________''''''_______ "" "'_______

Now let's talk about the theme card of this week' and Weekly Battle Share-

Serpentine Spy (1).png


It is one of the most attacking mellee card with untamed addition from splinter monster. It is a common card from fire splinter. Recently I upgraded it in level-3. I am familiar with this card at the beginning. Its unique ability is that it can attack from any position and target the lowest health enemy monster that is not stand in front. Serpentine spy mana only 3, so you can adjust any mana cost team. This monster always gives positive response by quick attack. I am using this card since my beggning.

Serpentines are naturally sneaky, but their highly-trained spies can infiltrate even the most secure bases in the Splinterlands. They wear minimal armor, because they are never caught. Retractable miniature spears are the chosen weapon of the Serpentine Spies; they can be hidden easily and brandished quickly for many uses>

Team combination and card placing-

It was a 25 mana game. Therefore, the team selection had to be done very carefully. The placement of the cards was a more important aspect. I chose a total of 6 cards for this battle. Incidentally, the opposition team was also in the fray with a fire splinter. The two teams were almost identical. There was only one difference, that too of living lava in my team. I landed for the Battle with a Level 3 card. In this team, I chose 2 cards that attacked other weak cards instead of the front monster. One card had the ability to restore health. Found the front card and chose to prevent the effect of a range attack. Apart from this, there were two cards that targeted the front monster.



It is a very reliable card of Fire Splinter which is 10 mana. The only reason for placing this card on the front was to neutralize the mill and range attack. Recently this card was upgraded which proves to be a difficult card for the opposition level with the same level. This card completely demolished the opposition team before it was destroyed.



We are all familiar with the utility of this card. This card has an amazing ability to store health due to which this card plays an important role in the team. The only reason for placing this card at second place was to stop the impact of the opposition team's additional attack. Since the man in this team used fewer mana cards. Therefore the role of this card was increased in the team. I had this card in Level 3 which I recently upgraded.



This monster is today's theme card and also the most useful monster in fire splinter. Recently I upgraded this card as well, the positive result of which I see in every battle.
As I am still seeing, the first attack of this card is at the beginning of the battle. It leaves a considerable impact in its brief role. This monster of fire splinter is my favourite card.



I recently got acquainted with this monster. I saw the opposition team battling this card with the team several times. Or is the 3 mana monster known for his silent killer role. The role of this card and the role of serpentine spy is almost the same. These 2 cards were selected to target the weaker cards of the opposition team. Which also saw positive results. The opposition team was easily defeated. I recently bought this card.



This card targets the front monster. There were several reasons for taking this card into the team. Sometimes this card skips the found range attack. Apart from this, its biggest feature is that when a Front Monster card performs Earthquake or stunn, it does not affect this card. Because of which this monster escapes safely. Although I already had this card, I was not aware of its usefulness. Therefore, he did not take the team. Recently I saw many opposition teams who were getting on the field with this card and in the process of Earthquake, this card saved itself. So I upgraded this card and fielded it.



The role of this card is gradually increasing in the team as it is the lowest mana monster that can fit at any place in any team. You can see that I level it up as well. It now plays an important role in the team with the attack. I was very surprised when I first saw this card attacking. I got this card very much in the rear. So I combined it and raised the level. Now I am getting the benefit of it. It does not delay at all in attacking the weak card of the front monster.







It was only 25 mana battles that made Jewel-Lover's team in my opposition. Both teams were in the field with a fire splinter. The rating of the opposition team was above 3200. So I was a little worried. Because I knew that the opposition team has good and high level cards. I succeeded in winning this battle because the opposition team chose the weaker team. With that, the team placement was not good. I won this battle by losing only 2 monsters.
You can enjoy this battle by clicking on this link-


Did my strategy work? will I try different next time?

However the result of this game came in our favourite as I thought. Before the battle started, I checked the potential summoner of the opposition team and the monster related to it. I found that the opposition team was doing more battling with the fire splinter. Then I checked the card and their level. Accordingly, I chose my team and their placement, which got positive results and I easily won this battle. I am not in the mood to do anything new unless that thing is needed in the team. Yes, I studied some of the things of the opposition team which got positive results. So I can say that my strategy worked well.

Do you use Serpentine spy open? why or why not?

To be honest, I have had the card since I started. At that time neither I knew about the importance of cards nor about their utility. Used to play in the team, then there were positive results. So I have played more battles with this monster. Very useful card for the team. However currently I mostly battle with Earth splinter. But whenever I choose a fire splinter, I try to keep it in the team. This mini bomb has shown many big explosions.


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all the photographs and images are not mine, taken from gaming platform splinterlands website here



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does anyone know a card that puts a stop to living lava? for instance a white card?