Splinderlands Suggestion: Winners Medals

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Hey Splinterlands Fans

I checked out the latest batch of updates to the game which will take effect at the end of this month and see daily quests get a little bit of an upgrade and it got me thinking. The daily quests are key to the organic growth of players in the game and I think it needs to become more dynamic in the way it ships out rewards based on in-game situations.

I thought of adding certain badges that could help you earn more and give winning streaks a different level of appeal. My suggestion is what I call

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 20.50.31.png


This is where one monster takes out an entire team and results in the win. Holding the wipeout badge/streak will result in additional DEC being paid to the user since this is such a rare occurrence and if it can be repeated the in a row DEC can be doubled at payout.

No Man Left Behind

On the flip side, we could give additional rewards to users who complete a battle without losing a single monster. Matches, where a user doesn't lose one party member, should give them an additional bonus badge streak and additional DEC as a reward for this rare feat.

Last man standing

Another winning result could be the last man standing which is when finishing the match with only monster left in your party. I'm sure there are plenty of splinterlands fans who have hit this close call and been relieved to see it play out in their favour.

People love collecting stuff

People love stats and collecting badges, that's what gamification is about. As with the other stats like the longest streak, we could add how many wipeouts, no man left behind or last man standing matches a user has completed.

Keep the streak going

I think adding additional layers to outcomes of matches and the way monsters perform in battle can make the game a lot more interesting and encourage players to be more strategic about how they pick their teams or build their decks or centre their strategy around specific monsters.

What do you think of my suggestion? Do you have any of your own? Let me know

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Also "kill ×××"
Select an opponent before season start

Oooh that could be cool, I think that could work as a potion so you could burn DEC and say pick this monster and your team focus on getting rid of that one first

That’s an awesome idea, bringing the call of duty aspect to Splinterlands. Love it!

I’ve had some great battles lately, one where I survived with 1hp one card and beat them cause they used their attack on my previous monster. I think this could be a badge too, I’ve never had that battle result before!

Another one that could be cool would be draw on no attack cards being left or draw on attack monsters being left and fatigue kills you both.

Lots of possibilities with this one. I want to tag the developers lol but they probably won’t check it out.

Exactly there are so many random outcomes that only some players notice and if you gave it a name it would just make it that much cooler

Lol the 1 HP would be called like last survivor or something to that effect!

Very cool suggestions and yeah loads of ways it could play out! Just a cosmetic change that could make the game a little more exciting

Found the battle, not as cool as I thought since I still had armor


Still fun to have a 1 hp card left.

I’ll spam their discord to get them to listen lol

Lol well this place is so quiet at almost 10 cent a STEEM might as well raise some hell and make some noise

That could add some extra excitement.

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Lol well since they are running updates with feedback from the community I thought I’d throw my name in the hat and see what comes of it! It’s really just a cosmetic change

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