Fire Beetle - Poetry Piece - Splinterlands Fantasy Story

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This story starts in the depths of molten mountain, before this rocky world filled with fountain
There were many beetles in order, they all had their intuitive border
These creatures are very unique one's in all insects, they were peaceful one and never injects
Mountain world was so quiet, there were no signs of giant.

But, one dark day brought destruction with it, lava came out from nowhere and begin to sit
This event was unimaginable, the end result of all this is terrible
All these beetles started burning till next morning, but this situation is born because for something destined to bring
This was the time of transformation, but the core realty changed and now it's dangerous formation.

From peaceful beetles these creatures transformed into fire beetles, now they have fiery needles
These beetles turned into complete monsters, like dark and fiery mobsters
Started to destroy the ecosystem of other species, this is world of punishment and fire, it seems
While destroying everything these beetles went away from these mountains, now there are no fountains

These beetles were travelling in order, to find their new world order
Joined the elemental tribe, their fiery powers were bribe
This tribe named as splinterlands, which turned into battle lands
Who are fire eaters, called as fire beetles.

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[Cover picture is screenshot taken from the Steemmonsters platform and edited with Canva]

"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Damn, what a creative and well written story!
Love it :)

Is this for a contest?

Yes, it was for Splinterlands Fantasy Story Contest by @steemmonsters.

Thank you so much for your kind gesture. Stay blessed.

If you use tags like battle and steemace next time you can get multiple rewards for your original content like that, that is gaming related. Also you might use CCC (creativecoin) tag for creative work like this. You deserve it :)

I don't know if it still works if you edit now, but I would be able to suggest it in the @battlegames curation channel :)

@criticalthinkin, Thank you so much for your kind suggestion. I use it quite often but this time missed because, now we have list of tags. 😂

Yes, I've used the Creativecoin tag already.

Thank you so much for your concern and feedback. Stay blessed.

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