Naga Fire Wizard - Splinterlands Fantasy Poetry

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These are divine and semi divine deities, about their reality there are many theories
race of half-human half-serpent beings, nowadays no one finds much meanings
They can transform and exist in complete human form, they are expert of all the tools and can perform
They are super tough, things can go rough.

They hold cultural significance in the mythological traditions, they are on multi dimensional missions
These are mythological serpent, their existence is recurrent
They move in the enchanted underworld, often known as protectors of gems and gold
bodies of waters, this name is associated with them, they all lookalike the same.

They are really powerful and gifted with the order of flames, their powers are dedicated with many names
Their eternal enemy is legendary bird, they never want to face each others for a word
They are all in with magical powers, can showup with heavy flaming showers
Some of them are living in streams or the ocean, but they were waiting for the promotion.

Fire splinter of splinterlands were looking for giant naga for Mount Mox tournament season, they are the first preference, no need of any reason
They demonstrates emptiness of the physical form itself, they can become any self
This is the story of super humans, many strongly believe that these are not rumours
Now and then you what heard, it's about Naga Fire Wizard.

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Stay Blessed.

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Thank you so much team for this supportive and encouraging essence. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed team.

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Now this is one of your best. The flow of the poetry really got me emotional, my friend. All I can do is pray that you keep writing more and I get to indulge and enjoy in even more of your excellence...

God speed, bro.

Thank you so much deeply brother. Your words are always hold encouraging and boosting essence. Stay blessed.

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Thank you so much team. Keep up the empowering work team. Stay blessed.

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