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In the Burning Lands, nearly as much life exists under the ground as can be found above the surface. The cracked and blistered surface of the Splinter is hospitable to only few types of creatures, but beneath the mountains lie a much more comfortable life for most Ferexia.

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In the nearly one thousand years since the Splintering, the people of the Burning Lands have been busily expanding the great network of caverns that sits below the mountains. The northern entrances can be found on the edge of the Smoldering Forest, many days’ walk from Zariba Cave City, which sits shallow in the center of the range, near the daylight city of Azad.

Great rivers of flowing lava are harnessed into electricity at each of the four Lava Power Plants spread throughout the cavelands. There are also streams of clean water to which all beneath the ground have access. There are many conveniences of living underground that are not enjoyed by the surface-dwellers (such as running water), not to mention the formidable natural security provided by the mountain walls.

Depths in the caves are expressed in fathoms. A single fathom is a unit of length that equals about three feet. The shallowest open cavern contains Warrior’s Circle, the great Ferexia battle arena, and the deepest is the mysterious realm of Korg’s Deep, located in the southern reaches of the Molten Range. The most heavily trafficked areas are those surrounding Zariba Cave City, where thousands of Kobolds, Serpentines and Efreet live and work daily.

For countless generations, these caves have stood as a home and refuge for the majority of the residents of the Burning Lands. While the surface is harsh and unforgiving, these people have literally carved out a place for themselves beneath the surface of the planet.

Here is the newest map in my hand-drawn Splinterlands series. These detailed maps will eventually form the basis for campaign-based action in the Splinterlands! Check out the brief descriptions for each landmark below.



Auger Caves of Revealing - Quiet place of study for Seeing Augers.

Beetle Hole - Large open cavern from which Fire Beetles emerge.

Beetle’s Freedom - Beetle-burrowed tunnel that allowed Beetles to exit the underground.

Caves of Lore - Stories and history are kept here by the Torch.

Clerical Academy - Official school of the Torch.

Dark Eternal Colonies - Area that has been entirely taken over by the Lord of Darkness.

Darkest Pit - Great bottomless pit in the far south.

Daylight - The northern exits of the caves into the Smoldering Forest.

Diamond Mines - Deep mines that border the Kobold Suberbs.

Forgotten Labyrinth, the - Completely sealed area in the north that holds many secrets.

Great Lava Lake - Massive body of water near the southern mines.

Halls of Sorcery - Official school of the Torch.

Holes of Hiding - Network of tight caves, meant as a refuge for the War Seminary.

Horg’s Deep - The deepest mapped region of the caves.

Insanity’s Gap - Horrifying place where lava spills into a great abyss.

Kobold Suberbs - The home of all nearly all Kobolds in the Burning Lands.

Lava Power Plant - Stationed throughout the caves to provide electricity.

Liquid Burn, the - Small lake of molten rock.

Living Wall - Blocks the way from Zariba Cave City to the Ruddy Institute.

Lonely Walk, the - 2 week trek from Zariba Cave City to the War Seminary.

Magma Flows - Streams of lava from which energy can be harvested.

Mishna’s Lair - Hidden home of the High Priestess Mishna.

Mystery Mines - Further and deeper than the diamond mines.

North Trek - 1 week trek from Zariba to the Clerical Academy.

Ogrewatch - Fortress in the north, guarded by Ogres.

Ruddy Institute - Official School of the Torch.

Sealed Gate - Gate to the Unknown. Tampering and passage are forbidden.

Serpent’s Sling* - Traveling hole entrance and exit for Serpentines.

Steepest Stair - Literally the steepest staircase in the Burning Lands.

Trollstomp - Large caves are homes to Trolls, near the edge of the Unknown.

Trollstep - Huge stairway leading to Trollstomp.

Terrible Tunnel - Impassable tunnel of nightmares.

Torch Outpost - Official stations of government throughout the caves.

War Seminary - Official school of the Torch.

Warrior’s Circle - Great underground arena of the Burning Lands.

Widest Hall - Literally the widest hall in the Burning Lands.

Zariba Cave City - Huge underground metropolis of the Burning Lands.

Stay tuned for the next map in this series, Eastwood and the Thunder Plains of Anumun, coming soon!



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Very cool... thanks for sharing this and great job!!!

A campaign based game as well would be awesome! Cool maps and lore! 😉👍

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