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Set out from Gobson streets,
Fed up with Gob-elites,
The sorcerers made way
To Westwood on that day.

The magic that they found
Is frightfully renowned.
They live there to this day,
The sorcerers of play.

Peacebringer 12.png

Goblin Sorcerer

Splinter - Anumün

Class - Assassin Mage

Size - 23 Chickens

Lifespan - Goblin sorcerers have settled by the River of Life, whose waters are known to extend youth and prolong life. Goblins are especially susceptible to this benefit; sometimes they live lives as long as five times those of typical city Goblins. The youngest children of the original Goblins who migrated across the Splinter have almost all died of old age. Among those who remain is a sorcerer named Link Yinlow, who is nearing his 221st birthday.

Weapon - With all the magical power of the River of Life at their disposal, Goblin sorcerers still prefer the more basic magic of shooting fireballs. Unlike the Goblins’ Ferexia cousins, they don’t have to actually handle the fireball before its release. The fire attack, known as Sneakflame, is silent and extremely quick, making it ideal for surprise attacks and assassinations. Time and again, this Sneakflame attack has proven successful, so it is mostly for fun that they experiment with other attacks.

Habitat - Goblin Sorcerers live exclusively in the Western Wood of Anumün, where the River of Life flows vigorously. They have made their haven there since the historic Goblin migration known as the Big Travel. Since the River of Life snakes through the entire Western Wood, the forest is teeming with life of all types. Living things are simply drawn there, intelligent or not. Sometimes this causes problems, however, as different species must battle for territory and space. The Goblins have carved out a very nice area for themselves through the generations.

Diet - Although the Goblin Sorcerers have taken a far more natural approach to living than their urban Gobson counterparts, they still crave meat, so they raise chickens. Lately, their chickens have been unusually restless, almost as if they are trying to rise up against the slaughter.

Allies - The Goblin Sorcerers are allied with the summoners of Anumün, who train near their home in a place called Summoner’s Green. The Goblins protect the Western Wood from countless destructive forces. It is rumored that only the Goblins’ magic is able to create the impenetrable weather barrier that surrounds Summoners’ Green. This barrier allows the students to live without shelter in a green paradise throughout the year and focus entirely on their summoning studies. Still, there is only one Goblin for every ten Humans attending the school.

Enemies - The Goblin Sorcerers fear the monsters of the water; they will not go near a ship. They also hold a bitter resentment toward the Goblins of Gobson, from whom they defected years ago. They are inhospitable to anyone who passes into their territory in the Western Wood, and the only reason they participate in the Gloridax tournaments are to collect valuable information about their enemies.

Pastimes - The Goblins enjoy offering… magical interference to travelers passing through the woods. Some less fortunate wanderers leave the woods with some Goblin magic still attached to them, whether or not they realize it. Goblin sorcerers are also commonly known as sorcerers of Play, due to their overpowering desire to be constantly entertained by life. Some Goblin sorcerers are summoners, while others tend livestock. Most have at least a few hobbies, such as weaving, sculpting or painting. All Goblins like to keep busy at all time. In Gobson, the children are actually told stories of a demon that breaks through the ground and swallows you whole if you have sat for too long idly in one place. This demon (which is most likely made-up) is called Gloth.




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Nice read, those goblins better stay away from my chickens :)