Limited Edition Splinterlands Beanies for Sale!

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It's Getting Cold, Splinterfans...

There must be something you can do to keep your head warm.

Karaoke 34.png

TL:DR: I'm selling these embroidered Splinterlands beanies for $25 each, including US shipping. International shipping will be more. Send me a message in Discord and we'll work out the details.

You may have noticed that the newest Splinterlands Kickstarter campaign has been attracting quite a bit of attention, and with good reason.

Have you Seen the Rewards on this Thing?

I'll let you go check out the Kickstarter page for yourself. There is a huge amount of information, and some great stuff available for many levels of contributions as we prepare for the Untamed!

To make a long story short, I want in. To be specific, I want in at the $200 pledge level, also known as the Zintar Mortalis level. For me, the addition of the Chain Golem as a Kickstarter exclusive stretch goal Legendary was the kicker. For my $200 pledge, in addition to all the normal rewards (which are substantial) I will get a max-level Chain Golem, and a single gold foil Chain Golem. As these exclusive cards will be scarce, it's my bet that they will also be highly valued.

...and for a pledge of at least $85, you get this.


That's the huge Encyclopedia of the Splinters that has been over a year in the making. This Kickstarter campaign may be one of your only chances to pick up a hard cover copy of this limited edition collector's item! There will be more books, but this will always be the first, and it is really incredible.

Enter SplinterHats


@CarrieAllen and I have been making plans to start up a little Splinterlands Hat Shop. I for one have always loved hats, and I know there are a lot of others out there who also have receding hair lines... I mean, who also love hats.

I suppose there are also a bunch of folks out there who, like Carrie, never leave their heads uncovered during the winter months. This is not done out of any religious belief or spiritual practice, but simply because "the head is where the cold comes in". -CarrieAllen.

Anyway... This is the beginning of our hat shop.

We'll Call it the Chain Golem Beanie Kickoff Sale

Because I've got to get that Chain Golem!

The Blue Beanie


There's only one of these available with the color logo. There are couple more in this color with white lettering.

The Black Beanie

The black beanie is Carrie's favorite. She wears it all the time. See? Here she is as a beautiful fairy alien princess.


The Green Beanie


It's forest green. I like this one. Goes with lots of stuff.

The Orange Beanie


It's really bright orange. Really great for if you're out hunting monsters with Dick Cheney.

Get 'em While It's Cold!

We don't have any kind of platform for this yet, but we're gonna start anyway! We've got to bring the hats to the heads that need them! So for now, here's the deal.

25 USD per beanie


This includes shipping to the US, but we'll ship elsewhere if the buyer agrees to pay a little extra, depending on the cost. We would prefer non-crypto payment in the form of USD through Paypal or Venmo. Since I cannot pledge to the Kickstarter with crypto, I'm looking for cash money in the bank on this one.

Contact either me or @CarrieAllen in Discord to arrange payment and delivery!

Limited Quantities and Varieties!

With the help of your purchase, next time we'll be able to buy more hats, and other cool stuff!



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I only have 1 question to the #lawmaker does wearing the beanie increase my rng odds? #ifyessold

I only have 1 answer: yes.

Hahaha, love the Beanies and the Pics., Wish I had money I would buy some Those caps are awesome too, you guys are so funny!! Upped 💯 and resteemed hope you sell lots!!👍👍👍😂❤

Christmas is coming soon... ;)
Thanks for all your support!

You totally sparked up the need for Splinterlands Beanies

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Thanks a bunch! :) I really appreciate the appreciation, Appreciator! :D

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