Splinterlands - Name the Planet! (contest)

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How can something so large be forgotten?


In short, the answer is The Splintering. The Planet had never experienced such a swift and sudden example of destruction, displacement and carnage. Cities were toppled, and entire empires fell in moments as easily as the crumbling cliffs on the growing shores.

Many things of grave importance were forgotten. The Splintering had stripped the majority of remaining magic from the surface of the Planet, and the most ancient magical texts had been swallowed in massive sinkholes. The wizards, mages and druids that survived spent the remainders of their lives frantically teaching the methods that they remembered. But without the books, their knowledge could only take them so far. These mages, now known as The Survivors, knew that with each passing generation, the distance of the people from the magic they once knew would only grow.

Alliances and enmities were forgotten. When the systems that brought convenience suddenly stopped, war stopped as well. With the Planet bleeding in the aftermath of the Splintering, survival was key. Having a child in these times was both a blessing (a future for them all) and a curse (a fragile mouth to feed).

This period of base survival without magic is known as the Aftar. There are few records from the difficult years of the Aftar, so no one knows its exact duration. It is presumed to have lasted about one hundred years. Although the races of the Splinterlands made recovery in their numbers, they could not remember what they had forgotten. For such is the nature of forgetting.


The Splinterlands have evolved greatly in the nearly thousand years since the Splintering, but the Planet sits in space, quite forgotten still. It is a vast Planet, with a grander legacy and story than any tiny Splinterlander can imagine. It is a Planet that graciously tolerates the existence of these people who continuously create havoc, destruction and war. It holds countless millions of lives in the palm of its hand...

...but its name has been forgotten.

Everything needs a name. Planets are no exception. This Planet has for almost a thousand years been called simply "the Planet." A small degree of respect has been shown by the choice to capitalize, but still, the Planet's name must be remembered. There is more at stake than you know.

Now I am addressing you, Splinterlands player. Are you the one that will remember the Planet's name? Perhaps once this name echoes through the caves, floats on the wind and sounds through everyone's voice, the Planet will finally be satisfied.

The Planet is ancient; it possesses endless patience. The true name will be found, even if hundreds of false ones must be discarded. When the right name is found, the Planet will know.

What's the Planet's name? I really want to know. I'll take submissions in the comments of this post. If a winner is selected, there will be a prize TBD. All names will be honestly considered. Let's have it!




Splitonia - the name that everybody knows, but all are afraid to say...

I propose Prolium, derived from the Latin word Proelium, meaning 'battle, war, fight, engagement, fighting, attack'. It is a beautiful long forgotten land, caught in an eternal power struggle.

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Great contest. I think I will go ahead and suggest a name.

'The planet of Monstern' I hope you don't find it silly, lol.
Have a good day

I once asked a wise old monster the very question you put forth today.

That wise old monster said to me something I will never forget ...." that what stares you in the face is hardest to find". " The name of the planet although forgotten is written right in front of you the whole time.", The wise old monster proclaimed. " It is knows that the splintering of our planet created The Splinterlands and the naming of those lands to Splinterlands was no coincidence". The Wise Man continued,"As with current times us Monsters that habbitated the planet did not get along and we set aside in our own groups in which we called Splinters thus the name of our planet was and always has been Splinterland."

I kinda like the name "Daedalus" because in Greek mythology it says Daedalus was a skillful architect, craftsman and artist, and was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and power. And that kind of represent everything about Splinterlands, so maybe something with the name Daedalus on it. It's also sounds ancient and cool xD


Magical energy coursed through the planet like magma. This syrupy energy source was known as nectar.
The splintering hardened the nectar into crystals.

Singilarias to contrast between the unified past and splintered present.



Very nice! :)

I'm going to throw my name into the hat, with Splintgaea


Lol. Wasn't that the Thundercats' home planet?

Their home planet was Thundera. Huuuuuge difference.

Thronos (we can then play the game of Thronos after?)

A new era, a new land and great battles for its conquest:



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i'll go with Krypton. because i am old school lol

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