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Did you know that Splinterlands has a social media platform? It’s true! We have actually had it for quite some time. It’s a long story…

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In the days of yore, Splinterlands players filled the columns and rows of Splintertalk.io with incredible Splinterlands content. The players would share their battles, discuss strategy, even compose brilliant music or pieces of visual art. And for all their efforts, they would earn great rewards in the form of the token Splintertalk.

Then there were the dark times, for the STEEM blockchain that hosted Splinterlands (the game) and Splintertalk (the platform) was overtaken by an evil and mischievous wizard with an adorable smile who was determined to destroy both realms through the twisted magic of overstaking.

There was little time, and although Splinterlands (the game) was able to quickly seek refuge in the new and bountiful land of HIVE, Splintertalk (the platform) was left under the control of the evil staking wizard…
No longer! Splintertalk has finally been rescued to the HIVE blockchain. Splinterlands players can once again earn rewards for posting any and all Splinterlands-related content on Splintertalk.io.

How Does it Work?

Splintertalk is simple. Like Splinterlands, it is an interface to the HIVE blockchain. Using your HIVE account, you can log in using the same account with which you play Splinterlands.


Create Content — Once you publish a post on Splintertalk, you may start receiving upvotes from curators who enjoyed your post or would otherwise like to show their support. Promote your post on other social media to encourage more upvotes and reshares.

Get Paid — After 7 days, the total votes on your post are tallied, and both you and the curators are paid based on the number of SPT earned from the post. After the 7 days, rewards are never again distributed for that post.

Upvote Other Posts — When you stake your Splintertalk tokens (discussed below), you grow in Splintertalk Power, which allows you to reward others with greater upvotes!



HIVE-Engine is where you can put your Splintertalk tokens to work. They can be traded for Splinterlands assets, other tokens on the HIVE blockchain, even cryptos like Bitcoin, through HIVE-Engine’s SWAP.BTC token.


Holding and staking your Splintertalk tokens through HIVE-Engine is what truly gives them power. On the Wallet page of HIVE-Engine (log in with your HIVE account), find your Splintertalk (SPT) tokens and look for the padlock icon on the right.


It’s that simple to stake your SPT tokens. To unstake them, they must be released in 4 increments, one payout per week. So it takes a total of 4 weeks to completely unstake your Splintertalk tokens.

Posting Splinterlands Content on Other HIVE Interfaces

If you prefer to create your content on the other HIVE blockchain interfaces (such as Peakd or Hive.Blog), you can still expect it to be posted on Splintertalk as long as you use #SPT in your post! This post was created on Peakd.com using the SPT hashtag!


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Woohoo, finally SPT is on Hive. And the team even announced that 'We do plan on allowing Splintertalk tokens to purchase in game loot from a specific store. This raises in priority as we start ramping our scaling efforts.' Thanks for this SPT tutorial. And 'Splintertalk (the platform) was overtaken by an evil and mischievous wizard with an adorable smile' made my day!

Thanks Flauwy! :) Boy, you've been stacking those SPT tokens! I'm really excited about Splintertalk being back in the foreground.

Indeed I have. But even more so has @abrockman. I am excited to cooperate with him on @monster-curator. Also @kiokizz has joined the team as well. And @monstermarket is supporting us as well with their awesome Discord bot they created for us. Good times.

That's awesome! If you have a good Twitter-sized graphic I'd love to share from Splinterlands on Twitter :)

I started to use #spt again, I have a lot of SPT Tokens hahaha.

Yessir! I have also been looking forward to this day for awhile! :)
More prizes, and more ways to reward people... I love it!

"... O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” He chortled in his joy.