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"Follow to the land of rot,
And you will learn what time forgot,
A signature will set you free
Before the setting sun.

Death and darkness, doom, decay...
These are but the notes I play,
My Dark Eternal symphony
Has only just begun."

Song of Signing - the Lord of Darkness

Peacebringer 10.png

The Lord of Darkness

Splinter - Mortis

Class - Ancient Tank

Size - The Lord of Darkness has the ability to appear as large or as small as he desires. He also possesses greater shapeshifting abilities, but he rarely uses them. The Dark Lord much prefers his physical form remain unchanged.

Lifespan - The Lord of Darkness has “lived” for thousands of years, for he is one of the Ancient Ones who created life on the Planet. Through the generations, he has undergone such massive changes that the other Ancient Ones no longer recognize him as their peer. They see him as an invading demon from another dimension, hell-bent on destroying the living. The Dark Lord will continue to grow in power until finally he becomes one with the true Dark Reality. This vision of the Dark Reality is not only his goal and his retirement, but his idea of heaven, paradise, utopia.

Habitat - The Lord of Darkness resides in the Dark Eternal city of Utopin, in the cold confines of the Shrouded Palace. He has recently taken a great interest in competition at the Mount Mox tournaments. The Gloridax were reluctant at first to welcome him to the tournament grounds, but once they realized he would behave himself, they granted him a luxurious apartment at the foot of Mount Mox. Since then, the Lord of Darkness has been making appearances and visitations throughout the Splinterlands.

Weapon - The Flame Whip of the Lord of Darkness is known throughout the land. Other warriors would be jealous of its powers, but no one besides the Dark Lord can wield this grisly weapon. A single one of its firecracks can dispatch an entire small battalion of Silvershield Warriors. Entire Belurocian songs, ballads and opare have been written about the Dark Lord’s Flame Whip.

Diet - The Dark Lord, having lived for so long before finding his true calling, still has a taste for certain culinary delicacies. He especially enjoys fine and exotic meats from the furthest reaches of Dark Eternal exploration. Missionary trips are always expected to return with something new for the Dark Lord to try.

Allies - The Lord of Darkness considers himself a diplomat; his duty is to usher the living willingly toward the Dark Eternity by convincing them to sign his contract. In the early years of the Dark Eternal Collective, souls were won through war and conquest, but the Dark Lord has realized that he can only truly make a difference through peaceful coexistence and collaboration. The Dark Lord meets with leaders from other Splinters whenever he can and he is an enthusiastic participant of the Gloridax tournaments at Mount Mox.

Enemies - Many of the leaders of the Splinterlands still distrust the Lord of Darkness after so many years of conquest and deception. The Spirit of the Forest has instilled powerful protective magic in the Hungry Wood, assuring that the Lord of Darkness can never reach her in the Eldest Tree. Tensions are always high between the Lord of Darkness and Khymeria’s Order of the Silver Shield. At the tournaments, the Life Splinter and the Death Splinter are kept carefully on opposite sides of the Coliseum, but if they were to meet in the wild, the battle would be one for the Bards.

Pastimes - When the Lord of Darkness is not studying the ways of Dark Sorcery or researching new methods of extracting Dark Energy, he is usually relaxing with his queen in her underground quarters of the Shrouded Palace. When he travels, the Dark Lord enjoys enlisting the souls of exotic animals and bringing them back to Mortis. In these hunts, the thrill is in the chase. One of his greater goals is one day to enlist the first Dark Unicorn for the Grand Cause.


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Another great one! Funny how you gave somewhat of a "nice" side to this guy. Oh, and i LOVE the idea of the splinterlore webpage! I've been fortunate enought to gain some of the contests, let me know how can I give permission to share the stories!
Ps. there's a small typo on the splinter at the beggining ;)

Thanks :) I fixed the typo.

The Lord of Darkness is a bit of a special case. He has been one of the main characters in the Steem Monsters Tavern since the very beginning. Around the tavern, he's kind of everyone's buddy, like Joey from Friends. As far as the actual Splinterlands game and Splinterlore, he's a pretty important character.

I'm seeing him being used more frequently as tank, actually. That stun gets on my nerves, I still don't have him in my ranks! 😉 😂