The Wizards' Land - Original Song (Video and Lyrics)

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Hey there Splinterlanders! Congratulations to those who picked up land in one of the early presale stages of the great Praetorian Land Sale. If you had the foresight, you also got quite a discount (30-50%) and a pile of Raffle Tickets with your purchase. If not, there is no need to fear!

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The Final Land Presale will begin in less than two days. In this final sale, the last 50,000 plots of the Wizards' land will be sold as claims in preparation of the upcoming Splinterlands Land Expansion!

In the Final Presale, the land will be available at the following prices:

PLOTS - $20.
TRACTS - $1700.
REGIONS - $15,000.


Notice that while the early discounts are now ended, the bulk purchase discounts are still substantial on the purchases of Tracts and Regions. These plots will be sold until they are gone, as the Wizards' Land must be occupied, by order of the Wizards themselves...

This Praetorian land has been kept a secret from those living in the Splinterlands for thousands of years, since the time before the great Splintering. The Wizards have done great battles there, battles that have left magical remnants of power untold. There are secrets in the land, and while this age may not have been the right time to reveal these secrets, they have been revealed nonetheless, as all things will one day be revealed. The last vestiges of the disbanded Wizards' Council, as part of their final decree have declared that this land will once again thrive, that the people of the Splinterlands will spread across and throughout them like a plague of life.

The most daring and adventurous souls of the Splinterlands are already preparing for the great journey. Many of these explorers, whose names shall be echoed in the songs and tomes of tomorrow, have sold everything they have in the world for this opportunity. For only time will tell the true secrets of the Wizards' Land.

The bravest warriors, the most powerful mages, and wide-eyed dreamers alike are called to this great journey to the Praetorian lands, the lands that came before. And as they sleep, in their dreams is echoed a forgotten but familiar song.

This is that song.

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The Wizards' Land

The Wizards’ land is waiting, so pack up all your gold,
And throw it in a wagon, adventure waits untold,
The Wizards’ land awaits, so sharpen sword and spear,
And pray now to the Fates to relieve you of your fear.

The Wizards’ land is calling, so sing a merry song,
The evil walls are falling, so won’t you sing along?
The Wizards’ land it beckons to Praetoria’s bright shores,
And every Wizard reckons that it should be mine and yours.

Lie la lie, lie la lie, lie la lie, lie la lie,
Lie la lie, lie la lor, we’re heading for, the Wizards’ land.

The Wizards’ land has dangers and adventure evermore,
And to them you are strangers, never knowing what’s in store,
Until the Wizards’ land will take Explorers from their homes,
Adventure breeds heroic deeds where each Explorer roams.

The Wizards’ land will challenge you at every turn and quest,
And every step you take will try to make your final rest,
But if you have a hero’s heart that beats so strong and true,
The Wizards’ land with ruined plans will one day bow to you!

And one day when your children have grown old and you are gone,
The Wizards’ land be theirs and they will be no Wizards’ pawn,
And victory and peace will through the valleys echo loud,
With every glorious feast they all will make the Ancients proud.

Lie la lie, lie la lie, lie la lie, lie la lie,
Lie la lie, lie la lor, we’re heading for, the Wizards’ land.

See you in Praetoria, Splinterlanders.


What a beautiful song, oh wizard of lore. I shall work many more hours of minimum wage to save more gold for my own tract in Praetoria. I'll see you there for the glorious feast!

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Thanks @flauwy :)

I appreciate your kind words as always, but I'm no Wizard. I'm merely a humble bard; verses are my spells, my only wizardry is words.

I think you underestimate the power within yourself and how the ancient true wizards have operated for millennia. Words, my humble friend, are very much indeed what magic is and always has been (although admittedly often enhanced through various rituals). That is why a bard has more magic in his fingertips than most wannabe magicians in their holly woods.

Toss a (bit)coin to your witcher and keep on singin'.

Looking forward to all the splinterlands developments scheduled for 2021 to include land!

I just catapulted you to number one on the DTube trending page - single handedly. I had saved nearly two million voting power and unloaded it all to you. Sadly the system seems to work mostly in favor of the curator but at least it will give you some visibility.

Wow! Thank you so much! I'm very new to D.Tube, so I'm still learning how it all works, but it seems that you did a really amazing thing here! Also thanks for the mention and extra incentive in Discord!

Whoo nice song Chris! This should be the official song and be posted on the Splinterlands webpage!

I got an ok amount of land myself but wished I got more on the first pre-sale lol. Wonder how many people are buying land in the full retail price.

Time will tell! :)

Thanks a for stopping by and for the compliment! I always appreciate your support!