Why Am I Selling Alpha Cards?

in splinterlands •  7 months ago 

I hate to see them go, with all their pristine but basic Alpha glory.

These cards have been good to me...

Karaoke 35.png

...but I can't kid myself. I knew this time would come. There were so few of them to begin with. As more players hit 'em with the burn bat, they're only gonna become more scarce, and for me, that means less maxable.

Make Yourself Make the Moves

You know what gets in the way of making the most of this game? Sentimentality. I get it. These cards remind us of the coveted trading cards that we were scared to get our finger oils on when we were younger. We treasure and cherish them as if they were each prized possessions. But in our admiration, we can sometimes forget that the way to win Splinterlands is simply to play it, and that means playing the markets just as much as battling.


Go ahead. Let go of the cards that don't serve you. Let go of the cards that are valued highly compared to when you acquired them, and for Helio's sake, always do everything in your power to get more cards whenever and wherever you can!

Karaoke 36.png

Same thing... Except one is beta than the other. Get it?

Alpha Dreams

Don't let inflated Alpha Dreams hold you back. You could be making some serious moves and positioning yourself to compete at higher levels through Untamed and beyond! I'm happy to say that I'm letting some of those Alpha Dreams drift away into the Splinternight. Now I'm looking forward, and the word I'm seeing everywhere (including my dreams) right now is...


Why did I sell my gold foil Lord Arianthus yesterday at 50% market value? Why am I liquidating Alpha cards as quickly as I can? Aside from Lord Arianthus being just about the most annoying bastard in the game, I'm doing it so I can throw some dough at this Kickstarter campaign.

Not only can you get incredible limited edition Splinterswag, but the digital rewards are undeniably amazing. For a $200 pledge, I will get a gold foil Chain Golem and a maxed-out Chain Golem in regular foil! By my calculations, these two cards alone (once sold) should pay for the entire amount of the pledge. This means that (the way I see it) all the packs and all the physical rewards will basically be extra! And If I open them with max potions, I'm liable to get some really valuable Untamed stuff.


Clock's Ticking

There are less than three weeks left on this campaign, so that's all the time I have to sell some cards, scrape some cash and hand it back to Splinterlands! Wish me luck, and feel free to check my cards and let me know if you have any offers! We'll find a deal that brings us both out on top! That's my kind of deal!


Hodling is Great, But...

...So is selling, when you do it right. Think of all the huge gains you could be missing out on by just letting those higher-valued cards just sit in your account. Spinterlands presents us with a whole world of tiny-cap tokens to buy and sell as often as we want. If you're not taking full advantage of this, my favorite aspect of the game, maybe you should take a look at your hangups and fears; you might learn a little something.

Stay Classy, Splintral Warriors!

I'll see you on the battlefield... and in the market!



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Hey @chrisroberts - I just review the Kickstarter levels and I did not see any promises about a gold foil Chain Golem and a maxed-out Chain Golem in regular foil at the $200 level. Just curious where you got that information. That would make me willing to join.

It actually wasn't included originally :)
It's one of the stretch goals that we reached last week. In the Updates tab of the Kickstarter page you can read about it in Update #7 :D It's what sealed the deal for me as well!

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your support of Splinteralands!

Good move to invest more into the cards that you really need. I wonder if I ever will sell my Alpha collection and if so will there be any buyers left who are willing to invest a couple thousand into Alpha cards???

I can see your thinking Good Luck @chrisroberts

Awesome move my friend! I also love my Alphas but if selling and using the money to buy better things to further my game play, then why not!!?? I cant even level up my Alpha Life Summoner because there is not enough cards for sale and what is for sale is outrageously priced I could never do it anyways, so he sits at level 5 making me unable yo level up anymore Life Splinter cards, making it harder to play Etc. Etc. Etc.!!! Loved your post, upped and resteemed!❤👍👍👍👹

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Yeah, I am also about to sell cards for the Kickstarter. I want to get my hands on a few Chain Golems and the encyclopedia. I think you guys have done a really cool job with crowd-sourcing the lore!

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