Getting back into Steem Monsters / Splinterlands

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Hi fellow Steemians,

I’ve unfortunately fallen victim to the Steem Monsters addiction again! I took a 6 month hiatus but since @swayzilla started playing it, I logged in to lend him my good cards, thinking he can use them better than I. I actually tried to talk him out of playing it lol but then I failed at my own advice.

2 weeks after that initial log in...still on! I’ve liked the improvements they’ve made to it, and I’ve been getting some decent luck. Got me an awesome legendary Ruler of the Seas, that card itself has won me several dozen battles and that led me to reach Silver I in the latest league, I was pretty stoked. I got some pretty decent rewards at the season end, no legendary or gold cards but that’s ok, gotta get my existing deck jacked up before I attempt getting to the big boys club in the Gold league.


These were my best grabs, a few other random cards besides these.

I also learned that you can creep on other people’s cards, battles and other info. Certainly stalked my friends like @swayzilla @chekohler to see what they’re packing, they’ve got some decent cards. Have you guys joined a guild yet? I applied to some but didn’t get any accepts lol

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Welcome back! This game is so unbelievably rewarding, it pays to play every day! :D

There are some incredible new features that you may not be aware of yet, the most exciting of which has got to be CARD RENTALS! At Peakmonsters, you can rent max cards for pennies a day. It's a good time to get back in. The Beta packs are down to nearly 24% remaining, and what's left is going fast.

If you have any questions about how to get the most out of Splinterlands, feel free to contact me on Discord, I'd be happy to help out!

Thanks, that’s kind of cool but I like to use the stuff I’ve got, otherwise I would get bored having max stuff. Interesting though.

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I've started playing a couple of weeks ago and damn I can't stop either dude.
Such an addicting game!

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